Sometimes, I wish I could shut my brain off for awhile. The self-doubt, the constant comparisons with others, never feeling like I measure up. I wish I could turn that voice off once in awhile. Especially when I have a little boy who told me with a great big smile that my hair smelled like chocolate milk. Ah, I need to get over it. Without spilling completely TMI, in another week, I will be over it. I’m a woman, y’all can figure it out.

Sunday night, after we got back to town, we took our lawn mower over to Volga to get tuned up. Jay picked it up last night, and tonight, he tackled the jungle that was our lawn. We’re going to have some serious work to do soon, if we’re going to plant a garden again this year. This space:

Sadly now looks like this:

For the time being though, Jay just tackled the lawn. The bambino helped as much as he could:

After about 10 minutes, he gave up on the bubble mower, and proceeded to run around the yard, ducking in and out of the hedges. I kept thinking while Jay was mowing, that the prairie really is beautiful in the springtime–Even though I’m in a small town about 10-15 minutes from actual prairie. But it was a beautiful day, and I’m glad I spent about 90 minutes of it outdoors:

Because Jay had kind of a crappy day, on top of having to mow, I said to hell with my menu (also because I forgot to take out the chicken until last night, and my fridge is the slowest thing ever at defrosting), and I ordered us pizza:

We got our usual:

While the bambino got himself a hamburger & fries. I told him that if he ate a decent enough dinner, he’d get a treat for dessert. After much whining and pleading that he was done after eating an 8th of his burger, he finally ate enough that I was satisfied, and I made treats for us:

Chipwiches! The whole reason I went to the trouble of making cookies Saturday night. It was a warm enough evening that cookies & ice cream were warranted.

It was tasty (that’s what the bambino always says). And with that, I’m off to bed. I slept like crap last night, and I’d to be asleep before 11:30 tonight if at all possible!

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7 Replies to “Tuesday”

  1. I love gardening, but would like to enlist your little one’s services in mowing my lawn. Plus, he can be bought with cookies, which is usually how I end up paying those who help me with my house ;)

    • If you pay him in cookies, he will be your friend for life. I’ll pack him up & ship him your way over the weekend!

  2. Hi Rachel, just a note to tell you that I posted my last post today. I have so much going on and I wanted to get back to that.
    So I will stop by and say hi here once in awhile.


    • I hope you will stop by! I wish you the best with whatever you’ve got going on–Take care of yourself!

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