“Cold again…”

I really would’ve thought that by the middle of May, I would no longer need to have my furnace on at all. Cripes, just over the weekend, we had the A/C on! Heck, Tuesday night, the bambino was running around the yard in shorts, and I was wearing capris! Yesterday, we all dug out our coats again, and this morning it was chilly enough in the house I did crank the furnace up enough to take the chill out of the air.

I must say, I’m rather excited for the company banquet this evening. From all the rumors I’ve heard, it sounds like they’re going all-out–All the other locations are being bussed in, even. I am going to miss the bambino while we’re out, but it’ll be fun. Jay & I realized the other night that we haven’t gotten all gussied up to go anywhere fancy since we got married, so I am a little excited about wearing my new dress. I even bought new jewelry to wear with it!

And since there’s limited time once I get home from work to get ready, I prepped a few things last night. We picked up Jay’s suit from the dry cleaners, and I did some laundry. While that was going, I fixed dinner. Jay took us out Wednesday night, so last night, I made chicken. And not that I’m burned out on the Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken, but I thought the bambino might appreciate some chicken tenders more.

I like making chicken tenders, but I inevitably make a huge mess:

Ah well. I have about a quart of buttermilk I need to use up in the next 5 days. I have a recipe for a steel-cut oats & buttermilk cake that I haven’t made in a few years, that I might try & dig out again. I lost it when we moved, found it about 6 months ago, and I’m not sure what I did with it since! No big deal. It’ll turn up!

Jay was semi-surprised to see me using panko when I made these. Usually when I make any form of fried/oven-fried chicken, I just use flour, but I wanted a little more crunch from the panko. They were pretty good for thrown-together tenders:

Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.

Which is good–I have a bad habit of over-cooking chicken, because I’m super-paranoid about the bambino eating under-cooked poultry. And not surprisingly, the bambino ate a few fries, a bit of chicken, and about half his applesauce. In his defense, he did eat an entire banana about 15 minutes before dinner was ready. I never tell him no if he’s asking for fresh fruit to snack on. Once dinner was over and I cleaned up the kitchen, I knocked another item off last night’s  to-do list:

A manicure. I don’t recall the last time I painted my fingernails. Probably sometime back over the summer or in the fall. With as many envelopes as I stuff and as many meeting packets as I assemble on a regular basis, my manicures don’t last too long. Still, it’s been awhile, and this gala is the perfect excuse. Plus, that polish is my absolute favorite color. I will be sad when Chanel discontinues it!

Don’t look too closely at that photo–That was after my first coat and before I cleaned everything up!

To kick off things at work, we’re allowed to wear jeans today, and it’s about time that I need to go get myself ready to go! Tomorrow morning, I’m working the Brookings Marathon, so I’ll be back sometime tomorrow night!

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