“I want you to cheer for cheese!”

Boy I’ve been busy lately. Last night I attended the Taste of Home Cooking Show here in Brookings. I saw an ad for it in the paper a few weeks ago, asked if anyone wanted to go with, and Melissa & Katie agreed to accompany me.

Melissa had been to one a few years ago, and said that it was a little insane–People fighting over seats, fighting over free loaves of bread…Besides getting some new recipes and food freebies, Katie & I wanted to see what the fuss was all about!

There were vendors set up that you could visit for 3 hours before the show (they opened the doors at 4). We all had to work until 5, and we ended up going to grab a quick bite & beverage before we headed over there. Since we had the reserved VIP seats, we at least didn’t have to scramble to find decent seats. Our culinary specialist, Guy, was a bit of a goofball, but funny and very personable. He did a couple Elvis impersonations, and I tried to capture some towards the end of the show, but my pictures didn’t turn out. He also mentioned his love of cheese, and told the crowd he wanted us to cheer any time he sprinkled or spread cheese on anything (hence the title of my post!).

Because we got the VIP seats (as opposed to the regular general admission seats), we got extra goodies in our swag bags:

But because I have Charlie Brown-type luck, my bag was missing a couple items–A free pizza, a free plant from one of the greenhouses here in town, and some lip balm. The 3 of us even joked that of the 3 of us, I would be most likely to have that happen. Katie said she feared that she & Melissa would both win door prizes and I wouldn’t (Melissa actually did end up winning a Santoku knife).  Ah, well. I had fun anyway, and if they have one next year, I’ll more than likely go to it.

Today, I ventured down to Sioux Falls to get Junior worked on. I suspected he needed a new axle, since any time we turned left, there was the same knocking sound that over the summer, was occurring any time we made right turns, and resulting in us getting a new axle. And Junior needed an oil change. So off I went. It was a rather pretty morning:

Even though the whole day was rather damp, the farm fields looked really lush and green. Much more than the picture lets on (that, and I probably shouldn’t really be taking pictures while I’m driving). I took it easy on the way down, just because I was afraid that one bad pothole would snap that axle, and I’d be in real trouble. What I didn’t count on & what I was hoping against was the time factor–I was hoping to have enough time to do a bit of shopping for myself, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I was there at the dealership from about 9:15 until 2:15. I did walk down to Culver’s for lunch, and hung out there for about an hour or so…I ate slowly and scribbled some notes in the blogging notebook I carry in my purse (you never know when inspiration will strike!). As I walked back, I noticed this sign, which cracked me up a bit:

A sign of the times, I suppose. When they finally got Junior done, I had 45 minutes left in Sioux Falls, before I had to leave to make it back to pick up Jay & the bambino. I decided to take my chances and hit Target, as well as Great Harvest, and Pomegranate Market. I sped through Target, only to get stuck in the checkout line. I headed over to Great Harvest, which I was originally going to skip, but I’d promised the bambino a new sunflower butter:

The mocha peanut butter is for me, obviously. Jay laughed when he saw them, because I think we probably have enough nut butters in the house:

I also picked up another treat (for myself):

For this reason:

Jay & I love roasted garlic. It’s going to go great with the ciabatta I also picked up:

I then popped into Pomegranate Market, to pick up just a couple things (I tried to limit my items to things I can’t find here in Brookings):

The deli meat was a snack for Jay.

I was looking for the sweet potato puffs, rather than sweet potato fries. Surprisingly enough, I found the tots here in Brookings, and I’ll probably pick some up tomorrow.

Okay, I can find the Food Should Taste Good Chips here in Brookings. I had a coupon I kept forgetting about, and just remembered this afternoon. I figured I might as well use it before I forget about it again! I picked up the Ak-Mak crackers strictly because Eden featured them recently, and I want to know what all the fuss is about (that, and I’m always surprised when I see things on other people’s blogs that show up here in SoDak).

Mmmm…Dairy. Milk in glass bottles. I love it. I wish I was done grocery shopping, but tomorrow morning, I’ll be hitting up Hy-Vee for a few more things! I should get to bed…It’s been a LONG day!

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    • I just found out that dairy’s in the hometown of one of my friends which I think it pretty cool.

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