“Today I’ll buy no sorrows…”

I’m not a fan of nature by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t deal well with wild animals, bugs, or anything that flies around. I don’t like being out in the sun too long and I don’t like getting my hands dirty. Which is not to say I don’t like or am not capable of hard work–That’s not what I mean. It has more to do with the fact that things like our garden are completely out of the ordinary for me. And granted, I will admit that Jay has done and will be doing most of the work in tending to it and taking care of it. But sometimes, I enjoy being out in the fresh air and sunshine. Jay mowed the lawn yesterday afternoon, and I chased after the bambino while Jay worked. Our yard isn’t huge or anything, but there are things about it I like:

(Maybe not the hedge so much, since I’ll probably have to trim that in another week or so)

I also like living on the western edge of town–I could watch the clouds rolling in (we had some thunderstorms last night) slowly all afternoon. I love the way the air smells right before it rains, thick & earthy. And though yesterday was rather a beautiful day, today’s pretty soggy and grey:

Pretty soon I need to get started on the laundry and get it done, but I am being somewhat lazy. I did get to work on breakfast once “Meet the Press” was over.

Bacon, hash browns, and what became sourdough French toast.

Yum. I was thinking of doing scrambled eggs, bacon & toast, but I decided French toast sounded better, and Jay agreed. The only complaint that I had about it was that I didn’t let it soak up enough of the egg mixture, so the area around the crusts was a little tough.

But that didn’t stop Jay from having 2 pieces, me from finishing my large slice, and the bambino inhaling the small one I gave him! My only other complaint about the breakfast was the hash browns. Simple and easy, yes. Decent? Meh. I don’t care for boxed potatoes because they all seem to have that boxed potato “taste” to them. It’s better to just make my own. The potatoes were in my bag of goodies from the Taste of Home Show, and I figured now was as good a time as any to use them.

Also in my bag of goodies was a coupon for 50 % off any West Bend appliance. And take a wild guess what I’m going to buy? That’s right…An ice cream maker! Awww yeah! I’ve wanted an ice cream maker since I was a kid–My grandparents either had one or borrowed one during one summer family gathering, one of the old-school wooden buckets you had to hand-crank. I remember myself and my sister Kendra & probably a couple cousins took turns cranking it, whenever my grandparents would get tired. I also remember the creamy wonderfully vanilla ice cream it made, and the ever-present Hershey’s syrup my grandma always had in the fridge I topped it with. I was probably 9  or 10, so the fact that I’ve been waiting about 25 years for this seems a little ridiculous. But now, I’ll have my ice cream maker! I just need a stand mixer, a food processor and I think I’m set on small kitchen appliances…For a little while anyway!


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One Reply to ““Today I’ll buy no sorrows…””

  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had an eventual day. So glad to hear you scored an ice cream maker! My hubby and I have one and will be putting it to good use this summer :D.

    Have a great week!