Soup, Sandwich & Dessert

I have to admit, I’m getting a little tired of this crappy weather. It hasn’t been completely awful, but it’s been a pretty chilly May, and it’s been damp. Thankfully, we’ve been missing out on a lot of the severe weather that’s been hitting my folks out in Ohio, as well as all those people to the south & east of us. Now that I write that, I think I should probably stop griping about the weather so much. It could be a lot worse.

Jay had kind of a crappy day yesterday, and he said he wished we could order pizza or something. I hemmed & hawed before I finally caved in, and we did order pizza. No George’s, but we got Boss’s. We got the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, which, compared with George’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza is far less “hot.” Something about either that, or the garlic cheese bread we got did not agree with me, and I spent most of last night and this morning with a monster of a stomachache. So tonight, I made what I should’ve gone ahead and made last night.


Grilled cheese & tomato soup. And not just regular grilled cheese.

Grilled cheese with bacon! Although, in retrospect, the Apple-Cinnamon bacon probably wasn’t the best choice. It tasted a little “off” with the provolone and being dipped in tomato soup (it didn’t seem to bother Jay, though). Still, over all, it was pretty good.

I made a bit of a mistake in using up the ciabatta…I originally intended to save it for the night I was going to make some Peppered Lemon Chicken Pasta. Which, had I followed my menu, should’ve been tonight. Which also meant I would’ve used my fun new olive oil. No matter. There’s always tomorrow night!

Before I chopped up my ciabatta, I got out the new knife sharpener.

I like it a lot. My bread knife sliced through the ciabatta with ease–Something it hasn’t done in awhile! And once I was done with dinner, I decided to make some brownies:

Yes, there are brownies missing. Once they came out of the oven, Jay didn’t want to wait for them to cool completely. And truthfully, neither did I. They’re supposed to cool for a full hour. Yeah, like I’m going to wait that long for brownies! And I just have to say that I think my mom is bonkers–I added walnuts to the brownies, something we never did when I was growing up, because my mom doesn’t like nuts in her brownies. I do. I also think my sister’s crazy because she doesn’t like peanut butter in cookies, but that’s a whole other story!

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4 Replies to “Soup, Sandwich & Dessert”

  1. I agree with you on both accounts, brownies with nuts and PB in cookies rocks!

  2. Allison–Next time I road trip back to OH, I’ll swing by & make you grilled cheese, I promise. :)

    DMC–I think my family is a little on the wacky side!

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