Welcome to Weinergate

Yes, I’m having a field day with “Weinergate,” because deep inside, I’m still 12 years old. And I have coworkers who find this just as amusing as I do. So last night, I made hot dogs, in honor of Weinergate.

And more Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream for dessert.

Nothing against Ben & Jerry’s, but I think I like the Blue Bunny version a LOT better. I’m trying NOT to finish off the carton this evening, because I decided that after a long week, we needed to venture out and let someone else take care of us for the evening:

George’s Pizza. I gave the bambino the option of that or Guadalajara’s for dinner, and he said he wanted pizza. It being Friday night, and George’s having less seating than Guadalajara’s, we decided that if George’s was packed, we’d go for Mexican instead. Surprisingly, there was plenty of seating at George’s, so we hunkered down.

I was semi-people-watching while we waited for our food, and on the other side of the restaurant, there was an older couple sharing a large pizza and having a couple beers. I mentioned to Jay that I wanted us to do little things like that when we get old…Except for the beer part. Jay can have all the beer he wants. Unfortunately, I am allergic to it, so I can’t drink it. Stupid hops. When I was in college I used to think I had zero tolerance for drinking whatsoever. I’d have a beer, two max, and I’d be puking the rest of the night. One weekend I got myself a bottle of Seagram’s Lime-Twisted Gin, mixed it with some Sprite, and drank it without issue! It wasn’t until I finally had decent-enough health insurance to go to an allergist and was tested, that I found out I am allergic to hops. I also found out that so is one of my aunts–something I wish I’d known back in college! No matter. I don’t care for the taste of beer anyway, and I prefer a nice, refreshing cocktail over any other adult beverage.

All that aside, I got what is probably my favorite item on the George’s menu:

The Philly Melt Pita. I remember when I first came to South Dakota, and met Jay, this was what I ordered the first time he took me to George’s. After I moved here permanently, I got them often enough that I got burned out on them. Now, I get them a couple times a year, and that’s enough.

I’d like for this week to be over but I have to go into work tomorrow morning. It’s only for 3 or 3 1/2 hours (depending on how soon I get there), so I shouldn’t complain. I should get to bed, though!

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3 Replies to “Welcome to Weinergate”

  1. I think hot dogs are wildly underrated. I could eat the daily. Also, my mom is allergic to hops. She gets all red and scratchy so she drinks the hard stuff instead which is hysterical :)

    • Hot dogs are a guilty pleasure of mine–Especially if they’ve been grilled. I could eat a whole package of them that way! I wish all I got was red & scratchy if I drank beer…Unfortunately, I get severely sick to my stomach & begin projectile-vomiting. Hard liquor is good, though. :)

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