Sandwiches, Potato Salad & Sliders

Work wasn’t too bad this morning…I was happy to be home at noon, though. Jay & the bambino spent the morning transplanting the tomatoes & peppers that we’re growing, and they wanted a break. I wanted to pop up to the store to get something for lunch. I had the idea for sandwiches:

I also picked up new chips:

Kettle ‘Tias! Sort of like baked Doritos, but better. They don’t have that bland baked cardboard taste.

Jay wanted fruit–He’s on a bit of a health kick lately, which is good. Work is probably going to be starting up another Weight Watchers At-Work series, and I think I’ll be rejoining.

Both containers have since been consumed–Which is also good. Better Jay eat the fruit than to polish off the rest of the chips or something. We ate fairly late this afternoon (after 2), but around 4:45, I started working on dinner. The Pioneer Woman’s Big Fat Bacon Sliders and some Lebanese Potato Salad.

I do think the next time I make these, I’m going to have to cut back the amount of meat I use…I think a pound & a half would’ve been fine for our family. But it gave me a chance to use my new favorite BBQ sauce:

I don’t know what it is about this sauce, but it combined with bacon is heavenly. While these were in the oven, I kind of wanted to take a bite out of my stove.

I also worked on the potato salad while the sliders were firming up and then baking. I have very few condiments I like, and mayo does not make the list. I think it’s nasty. So, I don’t like the usual potluck or picnic sides (pasta salads, potato salads, etc.). I found the Lebanese potato salad recipe a couple weeks ago on Eating Well’s website, and tonight seemed like a perfect time to try it out.

I left off the scallions the recipe called for because I didn’t have any. I also substituted dried mint for fresh, as I didn’t have any fresh either. I don’t think I used quite enough mint, because I could barely taste it.

Still, the potatoes were bright & lemony-tasting, so I was fine with it. Jay & the bambino thought they were just “meh.” The sliders, though…

Just like butter, bacon makes everything better.

I couldn’t even finish my second burger. I really wanted to, but as little as they are, those burgers fill you up. I cleaned up the kitchen before polishing off the last of the Red Velvet Cake ice cream. I might need to pick more of it up tomorrow.

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