Cupcake Woes and Pork Chops

I’ve had a couple coworkers get on my case about the fact that I haven’t brought treats into work in awhile…Which is true. It has been awhile since I’ve made anything to bring in. The last thing I took to work was the Graham Cracker Torte, and that was for a committee meeting. So this afternoon, I decided to get to work on some cupcakes. Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Cream Icing. I used a different brand of cupcake liner than my usual Reynolds cupcake liners.

Cake Mate. I don’t know why, but I wanted a single color for this batch. However, when I started lining my muffin pans, I immediately had a red flag pop up:

Looks normal, right? Wrong. The liners wouldn’t sit down in the cups.

I figured it was a minor annoyance that wouldn’t be a problem once I put batter in them.

But then the sides bunched. I wasn’t happy about that, but there are worse problems to have when baking, so I carried on. My next annoyance came once I took the cupcakes out of the oven. Now, granted, I didn’t remove them from the muffin tin right away–They sat for a few minutes longer than I wanted. I didn’t expect this though:

That would be the lining peeling away from the cupcake, without any help from me. I wish I hadn’t bought 2 packages of Cake Mate liners, but there’s apparently a reason they were only 99ยข/each. I’ll pay the $1.89 or whatever for Reynolds next time. Still, cupcakes are cupcakes, and they tasted fine. Even more so when I frosted them:

I think the tip I used was supposed to be for making roses or petals or whatever.

That bottom cupcake needs more sprinkles.

Chocolate and peanut butter. The greatest combination ever invented, next to chocolate and hazelnuts. Hopefully this will satisfy those coworkers who’ve been bugging me! (Just kidding of course!)

In between making the cupcakes and the frosting, we decided to grill. The house got a little warm from my firing up the oven so I thought using the toaster oven and grill would be better. Tonight was pork chop night.

And because I just thought they sounded good & picked some up at the store, I had one of these:

It was nice & refreshing while I was tending to the chops. The toaster oven was for these:

Sweet Potato Tots. The bambino & Jay had sweet potato fries instead, but I was in the mood for tots.

And on that note, I’m off to have another cupcake and try out an idea Katie gave me–I’m going to make an attempt at a Frappuccino tomorrow morning, so I’m going to brew my java tonight, then pop it in the fridge till morning. I’ll get out the blender and see what I can come up with!

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2 Replies to “Cupcake Woes and Pork Chops”

  1. I make a ton of muffins and cupcakes and I can’t stand a) when the wrappers crinkle in like that and b) when the cupcake and especially muffins get stuck in the wrapper and you end up eating half the cupcake out of the wrapper. That’s why I now only use Reynolds foil wrappers. Still, those look delicious!