“My Ding-a-Ling.”

Sorry…I said before, I’m still 12 years old deep down, and the whole Weinergate thing is still cracking me up! Especially now that Rep. Weiner’s admitted he did send out a picture of his…*ahem* weiner. I couldn’t resist. We keep CNBC on at work for the market updates and such, and a couple of us started cracking up during his press conference. I cracked up even more once I realized that yet again, I’d planned on some hot dogs for dinner.

Completely unintentional. I’d picked them up over the weekend for Jay & the bambino, because I was originally supposed to help serve at the Harvest Table this evening, so they’d’ve been left to fend for themselves. However, I have a bad sore throat, and didn’t think it would be a good idea to be serving food to people and spreading my germs. I saved that for my coworkers. I don’t know what the deal is with my throat–Right around 7 last night, I felt it getting scratchy, like it was super-dry in the house or something. I tried chugging water, but that didn’t help, and by the time I went to bed, it was pretty much on fire. In fact, I woke up in horrible pain around 3 this morning because of it. I drank iced coffee (which I need to work on–My ice-to-java ratio was way off) because it was supposed to be really hot out today, but because I wanted something hot to soothe my throat, I had some oatmeal for breakfast. I should’ve taken a picture, because it was the greatest, most perfect bowl of oatmeal ever created (that was for you, Eden).

The weird thing is, by the time I got to work, my throat didn’t really hurt…Until lunchtime. Now I’m feeling crappy again. I think a lot of it was lack of sleeping, but still. I need to be well–I’m having guests Saturday night. About a month or two ago, I won a copy of Gwyneth Paltrow’s new book, My Father’s Daughter, courtesy of Kerry at French Revolution.

I decided when I got the cookbook, I’d have people over and cook an entire meal from the book. So that’s what I’ll be doing Saturday…Along with cleaning the house! So I need to be well, because I’m going probably start cleaning up a little at a time after work on Wednesday. And on that note, I’m going to try to get some sleep, after I pop a couple ibuprofen.

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5 Replies to ““My Ding-a-Ling.””

  1. I mean you really couldn’t make this shit up, could ya? It’d be a fantastic story anyway but the fact that is name is Weiner just seals the deal. True random story: in law school we were reading a case and one of the attorneys in the case was Weiner. Pronounced Weiner. Well, since we were 1L’s the Prof thought it’d be hysterical to cold call and ask people how to pronounce his name. People pronounced it Whiner, Wayner, everything but. Finally, he cracked up and told us it was Weiner and we needed to be less Weiner like. Classic stuff.

    • I freakin’ love it, I really do. I was especially cracking up over the fact that he had on tighty-whiteys in the photo. Seriously? My 3-year-old has better underwear than that (Really, how can you top Lego Darth Vader plastered across your tiny ass?)! Old men wear tighty-whiteys. What also makes that funny is that’s what a fellow co-worked calls my favorite alcoholic beverage (the White Russian). Tighty-Whiteys. I’ll die laughing for so many reasons the next time I go to a bar & order a drink!

  2. I’m out of the loop on Weiners – I’m going to bed way too early right now. But I’m more curious on Gwyneth’s cook book. I find her to be such a pretentious snob, let me know how the book is and if she can actually cook.

    • Oh, the Weiner thing has just gotten even more whacked–A friend told me about some involvement he had with a porn star & using his PR people to help her cover it up, and then this evening, I read online his wife is pregnant! As for Gwyneth, she cracks me up me because she is so pretentious, but she also seems to think she’s all down-to-earth, and just like normal people. The cookbook is mildly entertaining…I’ll know Saturday how her recipes hold up!

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