Friday’s Cleaning Frenzy…

I am exhausted. I’ve been up since 3ish this morning…Hacking up my lungs again. Poor Jay’s slept on the couch for the past 2 nights, so I headed downstairs to hack (and let Jay try to get some sleep). I tried going back to sleep once my hacking stopped. It didn’t, so at 20 after 4, I came back downstairs and just got up for the day. To keep myself from hopping online, then zonking out on the couch (and potentially being late for work), I started cleaning up my desk and the hutch.

I know it still looks cluttered, but trust me, it was 10 times worse before I started!

I hit a wall probably around 11 this morning, although I perked up a little at lunch. We’re running a little low on stuff, so I didn’t have anything to pack, and that meant walking somewhere to get food (or eating from the vending machine, which I don’t really care to do). I walked to Subway & back, which gave me a little energy to make it the rest of the afternoon. A project from one of the officers helped keep me alert too. But I can tell the lack of sleep is getting to me. For one, I’d put off sorting my boss’s statements–He’s back in town today, although he won’t be back in the office until tomorrow. So even though they came in Wednesday, I procrastinated, and put them off. Before I left last night, I’d locked them in one of the drawers in my desk with the intention of working on them today. At 10 till 4 (I was leaving early this afternoon), I took some statement envelopes into his office to set on his desk–Just trying to be nice & give him one less thing to go digging around for. Imagine my confusion when I didn’t see the statements on his desk…And then I remembered they were still locked in one of my drawers. Thank the gods these were just the monthly statements, and because Jay was picking up the bambino before me, I had a good 20 minutes to get them finished and on his desk before I left for the day! Eep!

Once I did finally leave, I told Jay to swing through the grocery store before going home. We ran out of milk last night, and I wanted to pick up something for dinner, because I had planned to do some cleaning, and something microwavable or ready-to-eat was about all I had the energy for. Here’s another example of how I know my lack of sleep over the past couple day is really starting to affect me:

It’s probably a good thing the lady who does the wine sampling either wasn’t there this week, or she doesn’t set up until after 5. What’s funny about this is that we were chatting with Allison’s husband & poking a little fun at Mr. Stone there, and he (Allison’s husband) & Jay started egging me on about taking my picture with Curtis. What’s also funny is that out of the corner of my eye, I saw the store director laughing at me while I posed, and the girl demo-ing the first recipe he did for Hy-Vee said I wasn’t the first person to do that today. Ah, good times.

So when we got home, I nuked dinner:

I still don’t have that much of an appetite since I can’t smell anything, and we’ve gotten this particular meal once before, so I knew how¬† much was in it. I also knew the bambino would eat about an eighth of his meat and 2 bites of the mashed potatoes, then declare himself done with dinner, so I figured it’d be enough. And it was.

I told Jay that the only thing missing was a big chunk of buttered cornbread. Next time. And after dinner (and another bowl of Peanut Butter Panic), I got to work on my grocery list for tomorrow night’s party. The chicken and the smoked mozzarella I’m planning on getting are going to be the big-ticket items, I know. Although, if regular fresh mozzarella is cheaper, I’m getting that instead!

Once that was done, I got to work on the bathroom and kitchen. I don’t know what the heck is up with my bathroom floor lately, or whose shoes are tracking in the most dirt, but once again, I had to get down on my hands & knees with a scrub brush, because the mop just wasn’t cutting it. I don’t think I’ll be using Mr. Clean with Febreeze ever again…I’ll go back to regular Pine Sol instead. That stuff will cut through anything!

I will admit the downstairs does smell pretty good right now, though. And my kitchen is clean…For now, anyway.

It’s since been put back together, as has the bathroom. I still have to get the living room cleaned, go back to the grocery store, and get some food prepped before folks come by tomorrow night. All I really have to do in the morning is get some tomatoes oven-roasted. The rest can wait!

And on that note, I’m off to hack up another piece of my lung, then try to get a semi-decent night’s sleep!

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    • I’ve already warned Jay that if Curtis picks me up at the grocery store & brings me home to cook, Jay needs to go elsewhere for awhile! :D