“I can’t wait…till it’s over…”


As often as I’ve listened to this song over the 20+ years since I discovered the Replacements in 8th grade (gods I feel old), one might be surprised to learn that it’s not my favorite song by the Replacements (that would be “Little Mascara”). However, I’ve always felt a connection to the longing & wistfulness of this song and it’s pretty reflective of how I’ve felt all week. Plus, Paul Westerberg is awesome.

Payday was today, and I went on a spending spree of paying bills and buying groceries. And while I’m now broke, we have food again. No more peanut butter sandwiches for lunch!

The bananas and grapes weren’t on my list, but the bambino has been asking for bananas, and the grapes were on sale. I also had a craving for an iceberg wedge salad.

We’ve actually been out of napkins for a couple days & been using paper towels…And if I want us to have clean clothes, the detergent was necessary.

Chicken. Gads, I couldn’t get over chicken prices. Even the store brand stuff was basically twice what I paid for it last weekend!

Pantry stuff. I am almost out of coffee–I have enough to get me through tomorrow. I had no idea they carried Ak-Mak crackers here in Brookings!

And I found them by complete accident–After I picked up the graham crackers (because I want to make these), I just happened to look down and there they were! And they were less than $2, so I grabbed a box. Those & some sunflower butter make a tasty snack.

Dairy! It’s been a little while since we’ve had yogurt.

The egg roll wrappers (along with the chicken, and the buffalo sauce) are so that I can recreate an Iowa Girl Eats recipe. Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls. I saw these on her blog a couple days ago, and called Jay over to look at them. He agreed that I should make them soon. So that’s what we’ll be having tomorrow night for dinner. I can’t wait!

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