Chickens (of the barnyard variety), Cookies & Crunchy Stuff

There are chickens roaming around our neighborhood.

Jay heard one of them clucking yesterday afternoon, and I heard one when I took the trash out this morning. We all popped outside to see and from what we could tell, there are two of them across the street. I know that for the time being the house is empty, and next door to it lives someone I work with. She doesn’t have any more of an idea where the chickens came from than I do, although Jay suspects that they may in fact be the same chickens that escaped last summer. I’m tempted to call Animal Control about them, because I don’t think keeping chickens in city limits is legal, but Jay (as usual) thinks I should leave well enough alone.

I decided that I would indeed make use of my oats from McCann’s Irish Oats for baking purposes, rather than breakfast. I got all my ingredients out, and realized I was completely out of sugar. I popped out to get some, and was pleasantly surprised by something.

That’s right. That’s a 5-lb. bag of sugar. Granted, it’s the evil house brand:

But you know what? If they’ll give me an extra pound of sugar for less than the price of a 4-lb. brand name bag, I’ll buy it. Not even Hy-Vee’s generic brands of sugar are 5-lbs. anymore. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before WM begins downsizing their sugar without lowering the price just like everyone else, but I’ll take advantage for as long as I can! I wound up making some chocolate-oatmeal cookies:

Almost like no-bake cookies (which I also debated on making–Abby made some last weekend and brought me a couple, and they were delicious), but minus the peanut butter & with the addition of chocolate chips.

And boy, are they good! I’ve eaten probably 6-10 of them since I made them. While I was setting up my little outdoor photo shoot there, Jay was weeding the garden. Some stuff is doing well:

Like our potatoes. And our carrots:

Other stuff needs some help:

That’s hopefully going to be zucchini. Apparently the yellow leaves mean there’s a nitrogen deficiency in our soil. Meh. I won’t be heart-broken if we don’t get zucchini. I will be heart-broken if our corn doesn’t do anything, though:

That’s not gonna be knee-high by the 4th of July unless a miracle happens. The reason I’ll be so heart-broken if this fails is because the bambino did the work of planting it all by himself. I think Jay dug the holes for him, but he planted the seeds, and filled up the holes, and watered them. I’ll consider it a success if we get enough ears of corn to have 1 meal. I think that would be enough to blow the bambino’s little mind.

Jay’s got peppers again:

And some tomatoes:

And we’ve got some tomatoes already:

I got started on dinner at a decent hour this evening…Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls a la Iowa Girl Eats (I’m not linking to the recipe again–I really don’t think she needs 3 trackbacks from me on the same post!). I made some potato wedges to go with them:

I tossed them in a Lay’s Dip Creations (Garden Onion) that I received from the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program awhile ago. I also cut myself while slicing the potatoes:

Luckily it wasn’t nearly as bad as some of my other chop jobs on my fingers have been!

I used some of the Country Ranch I also received to make the ranch cream cheese for the egg rolls. Which actually, I only used on Jay’s egg rolls. I don’t care for ranch flavoring, so I swapped in some provolone on mine. The bambino got provolone with plain shredded chicken–There’s no way his little tummy could handle buffalo sauce! I was very pleased with the results:

They were also surprisingly more filling than I was expecting. I ended up making 5 of them for Jay, and 3 for myself, but I only ended up eating 2 of them. The 3rd one, along with some wedges that Jay didn’t finish will make a fine lunch for me on Monday! I was especially excited to see this on one of my egg rolls:

Burnt cheese! I love crunchy, “burnt” cheese. It’s my favorite thing whenever I make cheeseburgers, and I will scrape up the burnt cheesy bits from the skillet when I’m done.

I stupidly decided to run the dishwasher, because I had the intention of at least starting the laundry this evening. We’re going to be spending the majority of the day tomorrow down in Sioux Falls, so I don’t know that I’ll get it all done. Even if I get a couple loads out of the way, that’ll be better than nothing!

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