“My mind is racing as it always will…”

Yes, I’ve moved things around a bit on the blog again, and there are new ads (in case you missed them, Erin. :) ). I applied to and was accepted as a publisher with the Foodie Blogroll. I suppose that things might get shifted around again–They have to approve the ad placement and all. It’s a work in progress! My blog is always a work in progress.

When I was flipping through my cookbook for the Pioneer Woman’s Mini Meatball Sandwich recipe, I came across one I got from Diana for some chimichangas. They seemed easy enough, and I thought they’d be good on a day like today.

Cool and drizzly. It really is hard to believe that in 8 days, it’s going to be July. It feels more like April. We’re so water-logged out here, it’s not even funny. Between the rains last fall, the ungodly snowfall, the snow melt, and now all the spring rains, it’s a miracle more places around SoDak (and even North Dakota, Nebraska & Iowa) aren’t under water. I can tell it’s affecting my mood–I’ve been crabby for the past couple days. I should probably start popping the vitamin D again.

Once I got the chimis in the oven, I sliced/shredded some lettuce. I bought it for iceberg wedges, but when I opened it up, most of it was browned & kind of ugly-looking.

I got enough for a bed for the chimis, though.

They were crispy in spite of being baked.

Some taco sauce and they were perfect. We had to swing by the store to get cheese, and I picked up some whoopie pies for dessert:

I was in the mood for something cakey and with frosting. And I didn’t want to make it myself!

I’ve had 2 1/2 of them already. I could go back and eat the 4th & final one, but I’m trying not to be a glutton. And now I want some chips or some other salty snack.

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2 Replies to ““My mind is racing as it always will…””

  1. You eat like me lately! I crave something sweet and then have to wash it down with a lot of salt.