“Why do you hang around?”

I should be thrilled beyond belief that the sun is shining today, the rain is gone for the time being, and my guys walked up to work in order to walk me home. However, I’m all moody & introspective today. Therefore, Morrissey is perfect (even if he’s obsessing about James Dean in this video).

And so, I made some semi-junk-comfort food for dinner.

I apologize for the blur on some of these pictures. I had a little helper who kept bumping me. I figured last night that I’d make chicken tenders, and took them out to thaw. I just dipped them in some milk & dredged them in panko. I was trying to come up with a side, and I thought tater tots/rounds/whatever you want to call them would go well.

I was attempting to practice some portion control, hence the oddball pattern there. As usual, I was craving buffalo sauce, and while I didn’t toss the chicken tenders in it, I did slather a bunch on:

Spicy goodness.

I could’ve eaten about 5 more of those, but we only had one package of tenders, and truth be told, 3 was indeed enough. I was in the process of getting everyone some chocolate milk to drink, when I got the bright idea that milkshakes would be a nice treat.

For some reason, the bambino thought the ice cream should be hidden. Or he just wanted a picture of his hand touching the ice cream. I don’t know.

The bambino also thought it was pretty funny when I poured the chocolate milk into the blender & started dropping ice cream in it. He kept telling me that we’re supposed to eat ice cream, not drink it. He did think it was pretty cool once I started up the blender, though.

They weren’t as thick as I would’ve liked, but I also didn’t want to use up all the ice cream in one fell swoop. They were nice & cooling, though, which is exactly what I wanted to quell the heat from the buffalo sauce. And it was nice to have dessert along with dinner!

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