It’s National Chocolate Pudding Day!

Yes indeed, it is National Chocolate Pudding Day. More on that momentarily. Today’s been a typical Sunday. I got the laundry out of the way fairly early. We popped over to Sunday dinner with Jay’s parents for a couple hours. My father-in-law did some steaks, corn, baked potatoes & salad. There was ice cream for dessert. I was glad I’d decided on something lighter in nature for dinner.

After we got home from Jay’s parents’, I fried up that pound of bacon. My intent for tonight’s meal was grilled cheese & bacon sandwiches–They’re easy:

And they’re filling. I made more tots to go alongside:

While I was making dinner, I also had some Hot Fudge Pudding Cake in the oven.

I used a recipe from C & H Sugar they Tweeted yesterday, and since I had everything on-hand, I decided I’d give it a try.

It was delicious. I usually use a different recipe, but this made a much larger & better pudding area (for lack of a better term). There was more pudding coverage? That sounds stupid. There was more pudding. And more cake. I served it with vanilla ice cream, but by the time I got done taking pictures, the ice cream was melted & I might as well have just poured heavy cream over top of it:

Either way, it was hard not to go back for seconds like Jay did–But I’ll have a nice treat for lunch tomorrow!


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5 Replies to “It’s National Chocolate Pudding Day!”

    • These are the easier-to-fold-into-sandwich-form-for-people-like-me-who-rip-regular-Flatouts. And yeah, I think in comparison to a steak, bacon can be considered “light.” :) Thanks for stopping by!

    • There’s a link to it in my post there Mom (click on “Hot Fudge Pudding Cake”)–Let me know if for some reason you’re not able to print it!

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