I came back from lunch to a pleasant surprise:

I was a little confused at first as to where these had come from. When I asked where they came from, the answer I got was “Paris.”

One of our officers spent the past 2 weeks traipsing about Europe–Paris, Rome, Lucerne…I joked before he left that he should bring me back something fun from either Paris or Rome. I got Parisian chocolate, which I thought was pretty awesome. I shared the red chocolate with the bambino, but I’m going to be selfish and keep the rest all for myself!

I came home feeling lazy and wishing to order pizza instead of cooking dinner. However, I was good, and made some steaks and potatoes.

Ever since I made the steaks for the Parisian croissant sandwiches, I’ve been pan-frying my steaks any chance I get. I was going to slice potatoes, but because I putzed around longer than I should’ve, I diced them instead. The steaks turned out juicy and perfectly cooked:

Whenever I’d order steaks as a child, I’d always request well-done, until I realized that they were too dry. Then I graduated to medium-well. I still order them that way whenever I’m out, just because my idea of medium doesn’t always jive with the restaurant’s idea. At least when I’m cooking at home, I have better control.

And that beauty is steak-perfection. Dessert ended up being more Hot Fudge Pudding Cake. This particular recipe was a HUGE hit, as Jay had seconds last night, and munched on another serving once we got home from work. I split the final serving with the bambino:

And it was just as tasty tonight as it was last night. I did goof, though. I made the mistake of heating up my pudding cake in that particular glass bowl:

Which was not the best of ideas, since I now have only 7 dessert bowls, instead of 8. Bummer.

I’ve had a splitting headache since about this time last night. I’m going to see about going to bed early in the hopes that will help. I’m hoping I’m not getting sick again…We’re heading to Huron this weekend, and spending a couple nights there. A friend of mine is getting married Saturday afternoon, so we’re headed out west to attend. On Monday, we’ll be spending the day in Inwood, IA, because a large number of Jay’s relatives are converging on his grandmother’s house. So I think I’ll rest up and try & fight whatever I’m trying to catch!

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