“You are afraid of me, that’s why you’re so unkind…”

Having a blog means sort of a public presence or persona, at least in the online world (this blog ain’t big enough for me to be recognized in public yet). I can’t think off the top of my head of any bloggers who reveal every single detail of their lives–What’s put out there is just the tip of the iceberg. What the blogger wants you to see of themselves and their life. I’m fairly open when I post stuff on here, and what I talk about with people in real life. What I don’t appreciate is people that I don’t talk to (or even particularly like) blabbering about things I do which do not concern them.

All that aside, yesterday was a crappy enough day that even Jay said he would not object to pizza or some other dinner out. So we went to Guadalajara. I got myself a chalupa & an enchilada:

And I didn’t really finish either. I ate most of the chalupa and the rest of the enchilada is sitting in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch. The day was bad enough that I was tempted to get myself a margarita as well, but I got the next best thing: Ice cream. I didn’t take a picture, but my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard hit the spot.

Today was better. Especially because I got stocked up at the farmers market.

The bambino was flirting with the ladies at the Gilkerson Gardens booth. The zucchini obviously tempted me enough that I bought those two. I was originally thinking about doing some fried zucchini, but the more I think about it, the more that stuffed zucchini sounds good too (and a little easier). I’ll mull it over and decide in a day or two.

I also stocked up on beef:



I’m kind of excited about the beef bacon…I’ll cook it like brisket again, although this time, I’ll make some cornbread to go along with it! Or maybe pick up some sweet corn, and have some biscuits. I haven’t decided yet.

I thought about weaseling out on dinner again tonight, but I’ve already planned on us eating at Nick’s tomorrow night because we have errands to run. So in the end, I was good and we ate at home. I made the bambino some chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries, I made Jay pseudo-burritos (some chicken, cheese & taco sauce wrapped up in a tortilla), and I had the remnants of the bambino’s quesadilla from last night along with a bunch of tortilla chips.

Dessert ended up being the last 2 of my French chocolates. And because I’m still not sleeping all that well, and tomorrow is going to be jam-packed once the work-day is done, I should try and get some actual rest tonight.

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5 Replies to ““You are afraid of me, that’s why you’re so unkind…””

  1. enjoyed looking at your blog for the first time. cool video. keep it up.

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