“Carefree highway…Let me slip away on you…” (Wedding Stuff Part 1)

Jay makes fun of me, but I really do like visiting other grocery stores whenever I go someplace new. I don’t feel that bad about it anymore, because I know my friend Erin feels the same way. And since our hotel is in between a drug store and a grocery store, this morning, we went to check it out. That, and I thought the bambino might enjoy having some milk to drink, instead of water.

Corborn’s has a more extensive selection of Full Circle Organic products, and I am extremely jealous. The butter that my Hy-Vee always advertises, but doesn’t carry. Fish that I’ve never seen in my grocery store, cereals, chips, and canned goods galore. Ah, well. Maybe it’s time for me to be a pain in the butt to our Health Market again!

We also walked over to the drug store–Housekeeping came by while we were here, so we quickly up & left. And I found a new snack I’d never seen before:

For all I know, these are available in Brookings, but PopCorners were completely new to me. I forgot to ask Jay what he thought about the jalapeƱo ones, but I thought the kettle corn flavor was really good. The sea salts were just so-so. A little bland, even for me, and I almost never turn away any plainly salted chip!

And now, my friends are now officially married. We drove about an hour from Huron to get to St. Lawrence for the ceremony. This would be about as far west as I’ve been within the state of South Dakota, in the 7 1/2 years I’ve lived here.

I took a couple pictures from the steering wheel, but Jay took the camera from me, and I directed his picture-taking. Except for the one of me, and this one:

Sometimes he tries to be funny. I like vast open spaces. A lot. And this part of the country made me think of legitimate prairie:

If I wasn’t such a chicken & petrified of heights (I kid you not, I get twitchy & nervous standing on chairs and step-ladders), I could just imagine being on a horse, and galloping over those hills. I would like to go even farther west one of these days…Maybe next year, we can make the trek out to the Black Hills.

We got back to Huron with about 45 minutes before the social hour started at the reception hall. For all my insistence about buying snacks for the car, I left everything in the hotel room, and as such, inhaled about half the box of Late July crackers as soon as we walked in the door! Then we headed to the reception and dance. Which I shall expound upon more tomorrow–I’m exhausted!

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