“Shake Your Groove Thing” (Wedding Stuff Part 2)

As I mentioned in last night’s post, we were all really hungry when we got to the reception hall. There were candies to snack on, and lemonade to drink. All the kids who were there got their meals first–Chicken strips and French fries. The rest of us were rather jealous. While we waited, I got myself an adult beverage:

My usual White Russian. It was delicious. Soon enough, it was time for the grown-ups to hit the buffet line:

As long as I’ve known Kathy, I know that she loves beef about as much as I do, so I was a little surprised that pork was for the dinner. However, I was so hungry at that point that if they’d served salmon, I probably would’ve eaten it without complaint. I was irritated at myself for completely missing the bread basket. Bread & rolls are usually my favorite part of a buffet line. But I got wedding cake, so that more than made up for my lack of bread:

I joked that the fact that I was having coffee with my dessert must be a sure sign that I’m turning into an old fogey. Oh well. Jay swiped my camera again at one point:

And started trying to get pictures of the bambino (as well as me):

And after some heart-wrenching videos and the father-daughter & mother-son dances (and during that one my floodgates opened, b/c Jay made a comment about how one day that would be me & the bambino), it was time to dance. They did a kids’ hour and as soon as the DJ asked all the children to come out to the dance floor, the bambino took off like a rocket. He was entranced by the disco lights, but he was a little dancing machine:

Even Jay & I busted moves:

But the highlight of the evening (for the bambino anyway) was this:

All weekend long, the bambino was looking forward to dancing with Kathy, and gods love her, she obliged him–Twice. I didn’t take pictures of them during the Dollar Dance b/c I was dancing with Kathy’s new husband & trying to say goodbye, because the bambino was exhausted to the point that we really needed to go. But we all agreed that we had a lot of fun, and this whole weekend had been full of my favorite things: My family, my friends, and travel. And on that note, I’m off to hit up the continental breakfast downstairs in the lobby. English muffin and peanut butter, here I come!

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2 Replies to ““Shake Your Groove Thing” (Wedding Stuff Part 2)”

  1. Glad you had so much fun at the wedding in South Dakota, now you need to get ready for another celebration-July 4th! I am sure you will enjoy that nice Dakota weather. Happy 4th.

  2. Thanks Tina. It WAS a lot of fun. We’re heading down to Iowa tomorrow, for a get-together with my husband’s family. It should be a good time!