“See ya later alligator…”

You know it’s hot outside when you wander around for a couple hours, and even your underwear ends up drenched in sweat! We spent the morning at the Brookings Arts Festival, which was fun. We really do only go for the food, although we often find things we’d like to buy. We’re ridiculous about never thinking of saving up until AFTER the fact. There’s always next year though.

Just like last year, I stopped at Hegerfeld’s:

And I got a sirloin sandwich:

And yes. I took a bite before I took a picture. I was hungry! While the bambino & I sat and ate the sandwich & some Cheetos, Jay & his brother went off to find the alligator meat:

I seem to recall that last year, that guy also had fried calamari, but I suppose this year he brought frog legs instead.

Jay said they really do taste like chicken, but more watery & more tender.

Jay also said the gator meat was better this year than last year. I wouldn’t know, as I did not try it or the frog legs. The bambino chowed on some shrimp that Jay picked up just because they looked good:

Which surprised me a bit. I didn’t think the bambino cared for seafood that much! I got dessert:

A very yummy vanilla cream-filled crêpe with strawberry sauce. I also got some cheese curds:

Which in hindsight, I kind of wish I hadn’t gotten. I started to get a little sick from the heat, so I found someplace selling iced tea and sucked down a cup of that rather quickly. I also came across the booth featuring Irish Twins Soaps, which is what I’d been on the lookout for the whole time we were there. And while there, I got to meet one of the owners, Erin, who is very nice & personable. I bought a sampler of laundry detergent, and some dryer sachets, both lavender-scented, as I love the scent (it’s so calming & relaxing). I haven’t been this excited to do laundry probably since we moved into our house & I got to do my first load of non-laundromat laundry. I also bought a bar of lavender bath soap that I’ll probably break open tomorrow.

Also in the Irish Twins area was Tasi of Sustainable Dakota Digest fame, whom I officially met (we’ve crossed paths before but not realized it). I have to admit, I’m in awe of her–I don’t think I would ever have the guts to do what’s she’s attempting with Sustainable Dakota Digest. I wish her much success (and I have it linked there in my sidebar as well as this post–There are some very interesting articles to check out!).

And on that note, Jay mentioned this morning that he’s out of white socks so I have the perfect excuse to go sort some laundry and try out my new detergent!

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