“Welcome to the jungle…”

Sakes alive, it is HOT! And it’s supposed to stay hot for about the next week or so. We’d talked about going to Sioux Falls this weekend, but I think we’re just going to stay put for awhile. In the meantime, we treated the bambino to something fun last night:

His very first bike! His daycare did a “bike day” last week, and kids who had bikes could bring theirs in to ride when it was time for outdoor play. He wanted to ride a green bike that belonged to someone else, and rather than ride one of the daycare bikes, he chose not to ride bikes at all (totally something I would’ve and occasionally STILL pull when I’m feeling bratty). But we felt bad enough for him that we decided after we got paid again, we’d get him a bike of his own. He cracked me up, strutting into the bike shop, and even introducing Jay & I to the woman who helped us! I think he felt comfortable enough with her, just because during “bike week,” his group went on a field trip to the same bike shop. He was going to try riding his bike home from the shop, but it was so hot last night he flipped out and I ended up stopping the car to load up the bike and drive him & Jay home. He asked if he could wear his bike helmet to the dinner table–I made him take it off at that point.

Because it was such a long week, Jay bought some George’s for last night’s dinner.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

It was really good, especially after such a long week.

This morning, it’s already muggy and murky out.

So much so, that a lot of our windows were fogged over when we woke up:

I realize that’s a little hard to see, but most of the windows around the house were foggy.

I think by now most of it’s burned off. But I thought smoothies would be a nice way to stave off the sweltering for the time being.

Yes, that is almond milk. I cracked. I felt about almond milk the same way I feel about kale chips and chia seeds. It’s a bandwagon I refused to hop on. That, and my sister Kendra keeps getting on me about how wonderful almond milk is and how it cures the evils of the world, etc., blah blah blah (Okay, I’m exaggerating…A little. She knows I like to give her crap about it, because I think she secretly thinks she can convert me to a life of vegetarianism…Which ain’t gonna happen. I like beef & chicken too much to give them up!). I thought I’d give it a try, just to see what all the fuss was about, and to avoid using up so much of the bambino’s regular milk–Assuming I liked it. And gods help me…I did. I do. Since I use plain Greek yogurt in my smoothies, and plain milk, there’s not a whole lot of sweetness in them, which isn’t a bad thing. I’ve actually been keeping track of how much sugar I take in lately, and it’s a lot more than I realized, or care to admit. The vanilla almond milk I got adds just enough sweetness to my smoothies that I like them that much more. So yes, Kendra, I can be the bigger person, and admit that I was wrong about almond milk. But don’t go thinking this means I’m giving up meat or going vegan or anything. I don’t even like that many veggies! I’d have to be a fructarian or something, but again, while I’m happy to cut back on meat, I’m not giving it up completely.

So anyway…I made the smoothies:

Strawberry for me.

Mixed berry for Jay. I made the mistake of asking if he wanted to try almond milk in his…Of course he said “No,” and I realized I should’ve just made it with, and not told him. I doubt he really would’ve noticed!

I have Monday off, but I think I’m going to try and get as much accomplished over the next 2 days as I can, just so I can chill on Monday. Actually, at some point I will need to go to the store–A coworker was telling me at our meeting Tuesday afternoon about some chocolate chip cookies he was thinking of trying out (it stemmed from a discussion involving the cupcakes I made for Jay’s birthday, and my bringing some treats to our next meeting)…Turns out they’re the “infamous” Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip cookies. I’ll confess my ignorance–I’ve heard of Jacques Torres, but that’s about it. I have no real idea who he is, but he apparently makes one helluva chocolate chip cookie. I thought about doing a test batch of these this weekend, to see if they’re worthy of bringing to our meeting next month…Otherwise, I’ll have to find something else! I do need to get some cake flour, though, as well as some bittersweet chocolate, as all I have is semi-sweet. I thought it might be a nice project for Monday, since I’ll have the house to myself for the majority of the day!

And random aside–I just need one more comment to reach 1000….Who, if anyone, will it be? I should’ve planned this better–I could have a prize for whoever leaves the 1000th comment! Actually, if I make those cookies, I suppose I could ship some out…I’ll just have to wait & see!

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8 Replies to ““Welcome to the jungle…””

  1. The cookies sound yummy…… try making mashed potatoes with almond milk Chica. I got used to them when I was living with Keng….

  2. 1,000! :)

    I am so DONE with this weather. We went to the drive-in in Luverne last night and had a hard time watching the movie because the windows kept fogging up, even at 11:00pm. Gross!

    And I was skeptical about almond milk, too, even though I am a vegetarian, but I like the vanilla flavor.

  3. Mom–I bought vanilla almond milk…I don’t think that’s going to go too well with mashed potatoes. I can use it up on cereal, and I have a feeling Lex would probably like it.

    Tracy–You & my mom tied, however it’ll be cheaper to mail cookies to Sioux Falls (sorry Mom!). If you want some, drop me an email with your address & I’ll send some out Monday or Tuesday. :)

    And I agree–I’m over this weather too. I can handle hot, but sticky & muggy & humid, no thank you!

  4. I don’t know what you’re smoking, but I’d like to have some. And just for the record, I would never try to convert anyone to vegetarianism, let alone veganism.

    • Oh, ha ha. As for your conversion tactics (or lack thereof)…You have too tried to get me to eat less meat and you’ve extolled the virtues of a vegetarian & vegan lifestyle. If it works for you, more power to you. You scared me off when you told me vegan cheese doesn’t melt.

  5. You should try rice milk. Just Kidding. It sucks. I went through a vegan phase, and since I’m allergic to nuts, the milk part was the hardest. Coconut milk is ok, but frankly, I love skim too much to go back to that lifestyle. Oh, and cheese.

    • I couldn’t & won’t give up cheese. I’d give up meat before I’d ever let cheese go. I don’t know if I could do coconut milk…If it tastes anything like coconut itself, I think I’d probably yak.

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