“Everyday is like Sunday…”

I hate being sick. While I was a teenager, I used to get sinus infections almost every time I’d get a cold. When I was in my mid-to-late 20’s, I didn’t get them nearly as frequently as I did when I was younger. Pregnancy changed that, though, and since having the bambino, my chronic sinusitis has come roaring back. At least once every couple months, I get socked with a sinus infection. It’s been about 2 months since my last one, so I guess that means I’m due. I feel like rotten ass right now. I slept like crap, and have basically been awake since about 3:30 this morning, off & on. I got up around 6:30, in the hopes I’d at least let Jay get some sleep, but I don’t think it worked, because he & the bambino were both up by 7.

I ventured out to do a minor bit of grocery shopping this afternoon…We’re going to attempt to keep it basic and no-frills for a little while. Not only have we been spending a little more than we should’ve, but in 2 weeks, I’m chomping at the bit to go to Sioux Falls and see the Warhol Exhibit at the Washington Pavilion. I know most people who know way more about art than I do loathe Andy Warhol, but I was minorly obsessed with Warhol and the Factory and the Velvet Underground back in high school and college. In fact, when I Jay & I got married, we had planned on spending a few days in Pittsburgh, so that we could go to the Warhol Museum (and eat at Primanti Bros.), but like with everything else, we ran out of money, so it’s been roughly 10 years or so since I’ve been there. As soon as I found out the Washington Pavilion was going to have a Warhol exhibit (about a year or so ago), I’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival. And now that it’s here, I’ve been scrambling to find the time & money to go see it.

So anyway, back to the groceries…I got a few things yesterday at Wally World, but today I went to Hy-Vee (especially since I missed the farmers’ market yesterday out of sheer laziness). Because we’re in conservation of money mode, I did make a tentative menu first:

I guess it’s been long enough since I sat down to do that, that it took me forever to come up with anything!

Produce…Right now we don’t have any Romas ready for picking, and while we have some cherry tomatoes:

The three that were ready there Jay picked and we ate yesterday afternoon.

I stocked up on a bit of dairy. Chobani is about 9¢ cheaper than my precious Fage, so I got some of it instead this time around. It’s for smoothies, and it’s a little lower in fat, so I figured, what the hell?

Dry goods. The tortillas are for tortilla soup & quesadillas later tonight (I probably should go get cracking on that sooner rather than later)…The chow mein noodles, rice vinegar and sesame oil will be combined with the green beans I bought for some sesame green beans, a recipe I found in my latest issue of Taste of Home. I thought they might pair well with the beef fried rice I’m going to make later in the week.

The only meat I bought…It’s been awhile since I’ve made some Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken. Since I’m going to make the rice for the beef fried rice ahead of time (as in tomorrow), I figured I’d make a large enough batch for both meals.

And with all that, I came in under $40:

Which is a good thing since I spent $5 more at Wally World for saline nose spray & some behind-the-pharmacy-counter-sinus-medication-that-actually-works. I feel less like my face is going to explode, and I’m hoping for some actual sleep tonight. Besides baking those cookies tomorrow, and making rice, I have laundry I need to finish up, and another dessert to make (one to take to work & one for us here at home).

And on that note, I should probably go unload/reload the dishwasher and get started on frying up some tortilla strips!

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