“So let’s turn up the heat till we fry…”


Right now it’s 91°F, with a heat index of 100°F. I found this song fitting for the sauna that will be the rest of the week. Well, Thursday’s supposed to drop back to the 80’s. That’ll feel positively frigid compared with the last couple days!

It’s days like today (I’m taking a vacation day because I need to use it up or lose it before October) that make me wish I could be a full-time blogger. Not that I don’t enjoy my job–I do. For one, it gives me a chance to get out of the house–I feel anxious when I’ve been cooped up for more than a day or two. And it’s something to do to pay the bills, because lord knows I sure don’t make a whole lot from the blog here. It’d be nice if I did, but that’d be a long ways down the road before that ever happened. Still, I got a lot done. The laundry is finished. I made some cookies (more on those in a bit). I checked out the garden:

A couple of our corn stalks have tassles!

I’m still hoping that the corn turns out. The bambino planted the seeds all by himself, and I think he would be devastated if we weren’t able to get any corn from our garden. As it is we’re apparently not getting any summer squash. Jay noticed a couple days ago that we had some actual squash that looked almost ready to pick. However, when he went to check on it yesterday, he noticed that a lot of it was rotten and kind of moldy. I wonder if the fact that we’re still so water-logged out here is the culprit. I’m not that broken up about it. Even if everything else in the backyard garden fails as long as we get some corn, I’ll consider it a success.

In between loads of laundry (one of which still needs to go upstairs and be put away), I worked on the Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies. The dough’s been sitting in the fridge since Saturday night, so this morning after I got home from dropping off Jay & the bambino, I took it out to let it come to room temperature.

I’m not with it enough to have fancy-pants fleur de sel on-hand, so I used what was in the pantry:

If I’d had enough, I would’ve just sprinkled kosher salt on the cookies. Perhaps next time, as I think I’ll be giving these another go in a couple weeks, for one of my meetings. I started out by making giant cookies:

Beast cookies.

But then my stupid big-cookie/cupcake scoop broke. The little scraper on the inside that pops out dough or batter (or ice cream, as I think it’s technically an ice cream scoop) suddenly jutted out too far, and wasn’t pushing the dough out of the scoop. Thanks for nothing Farberware. So I switched to my trusty Pampered Chef cookie scoop, and made smaller cookies:

Still tasty. I didn’t use the mix of bittersweet chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate called for in the adaptation–I used 2 bags of Ghirardelli Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Chips, and I thought they tasted perfectly fine. Better than fine. Although I have a LOT of cookies now. I think I’ll be taking some into work tomorrow…Otherwise I’ll eat more of them than is necessary! And I’ll probably interoffice some to the coworker who originally gave me this recipe, in the event he didn’t try them out himself over the weekend.

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7 Replies to ““So let’s turn up the heat till we fry…””

  1. Kelly–A cold glass of milk made them an absolutely perfect snack! :)

    Mom–Thanks…I just hope we get something usable from it!

    Erin–It’s the least I can do for an old friend. ;)

  2. Oh those cookies look soooo yummy!!
    I’d be interested to hear how your corn comes out. I’ve never had good luck with corn, because ants always seem to find the ears and eat them up before I can harvest them. If you have any tricks to get a good crop, I’d all “ears” (bad, bad, bad pun…groan….)

    • That’s okay–I like “corny” puns! :D We’re actually having some issue with earwigs at the moment & we’re trying to prevent them from getting at the ears. My husband bought some stuff called Diatomaceous Earth that we’re going to try. I hope it works!

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