“Rudi(e) can’t fail…”

I’ve been alternating between wallowing in self-pity for various reasons and being super-crabby because I’m battling yet another sinus infection. Today however, I started feeling both emotionally and physically, even though I’m completely exhausted. Jay & the bambino picked me up and I saw this on our front porch:

Goodies from Rudi’s Organic Bakery!!! The folks at Rudi’s were kind enough to send me 3 kinds of breads to sample:

I’m lucky enough that we have a few Rudi’s products at my Hy-Vee, so when I was offered the chance for samples, I chose things that I haven’t seen here in Brookings. Like the Nut & Oat bread…Besides, how can you not like a bread that’s made with hazelnuts?

And I can’t wait to try this:

I was going to make some sort of pasta this evening, but I didn’t thaw anything (I forgot), so it’ll have to wait for another night. Tomorrow morning, though…

I’ve got some almond butter with these muffins‘ name on it! I can’t wait for breakfast! Thanks to the folks at Rudi’s Organic Bakery for the samples!!!

I eventually did get started on dinner…I tried to micro-thaw some ground beef. I decided at the last minute to make pseudo-burritos/soft tacos–But all we had was the ground beef, taco seasoning, tortillas, and some cheese.

When I say I tried micro-thawing the ground beef, I popped it in the microwave for the recommended time to defrost. It was still frozen when I took it out…And while I’m pretty sure this is a bad thing to do, I fried it up anyway. I cooked it longer than I normally would’ve just to try & be on the safe side. We were all hungry, and I wasn’t about to waste a pound of meat. I guess Jay & I will find out in the next 24-48 hours if somehow I didn’t cook it enough or something.

We have ice cream which I was planning on having for dessert, until I came across this in my cupboard:

Some lovely dark chocolate.

I’d originally bought it to chop up and add to the cookies I made the other day. Since I had 2 bags of chocolate chips, I just used those, and I put the Chocolove in the cupboard. I’m glad I found it though…It made for a nice end to my day. It even came with a love poem inside:

How cute. And now, I need to get to bed…Two more days until the weekend!

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4 Replies to ““Rudi(e) can’t fail…””

  1. The beef should be okay. I micro-thaw my beef quite often. There are times when it’s still a bit frozen, but I cook it anyway. (Haven’t killed off my family yet!)

    • That makes me feel better! :) My son didn’t eat any meat last night, so at least as I don’t kill off myself or my husband, I think we’ll be good!

  2. I always thaw mine in the microwave too. I can’t remember to get it out in time. Ours has a defrost button on it and you just enter the weight and it goes. I end up breaking up the thawed pieces until it is all thawed out. That middle part remains a block of ice for just about ever.

    • That’s how ours is too–And yeah, mine came out thawed around the edges and still frozen in the middle…I broke it up as I was cooking it & so far at least, no one’s any worse for the wear!