“You come near me now girl, I’ll go get me a gun…”

Yes, I am in a FOUL mood this evening. I’ve already ranted to a couple people and Jay about it, so I won’t go into it on here. We’ll just leave it at I can’t win, and Monday bites me on the arse once again. And to top it off, I’ve noticed in the past few weeks needing to wear my glasses more often. Bah!

Jay & the bambino walked up to the bank to pick me up, which gave me time to rant and cool down a bit, then I got started on dinner.

Mini-meatloaves! I was originally going to make some Fried Rice with Beef, but when I gave the bambino the choice between the two, he chose mini-meatloaves. Secretly, I was glad, since I REALLY wanted some comfort food. I didn’t care that it’s back up 90° today…I wanted something warm & familiar.

I think I found the recipe off Eating Well…I just used some season-salt, since I was out of onion powder (I think the original recipe calls for an actual onion), and it tasted just a little “off.” That’s the nice thing about meatloaf–You can tweak it until it’s perfect.

The only thing that would’ve made this meal absolutely perfect would’ve been mashed potatoes.

Instead, I had fries. A trip to DQ would’ve been nice to cap off the evening, but I’m chomping at the bit to go to Sioux Falls this weekend, so we’re saving money until then. Plus, I’m still holding out hope for a canning kit (unless the folks at Ball want to take pity on me and just send me one) Especially now that our corn has silks!

And according to Jay, we have ears forming! I just hope those stupid earwigs don’t eat whatever is trying to grow.

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3 Replies to ““You come near me now girl, I’ll go get me a gun…””

  1. Girl… Sooo sorry you had a crapful day. I’m sure tomorrow will be much better. And those meatloafs looks deelish. How funny you mentioned wanting comfort food even if it’s 90 degrees. I was thinking the exact same thing today. The heat never gets in my way of something luscious on my plate. :)

    • Nothing gets in the way of me & comfort food, I tell ya! Here’s hoping for a better day today! :)

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