“You can’t depend on a wise man, You can’t find them because they’re not there…”

Ugh…I really should stop watching “Meet the Press.” Sen. John Thune is one of the guests this morning, and while I don’t have a high opinion of him anyway, I’m already angry about his answer to the first question regarding the debt ceiling. I’ll say it again and then get off my soapbox for the day.

You canNOT completely gut your budget and still expect that you will be able to pay your bills unless you have revenue coming in. I’m sorry that the entitlements are going to have to be cut–what do I care? They’re not going to be around when I get old, so Jay & I are trying our best to save for retirement on our own.

I’m sorry that taxes are going to have to be raised. When you have corporations like GE that pay no federal taxes thanks to loopholes, there is a BIG problem and a HUGE disconnect. Not to mention that once again, Congress is NOT listening to the American people. We want you to FIX this mess you’ve all created. Stop acting like my 3-year-old & his friends when they’re fighting over a toy they all want, and DO YOUR JOB!!!!

Okay, I’m done…Of course, if Tuesday rolls around and still nothing is done, I may change my tune! Before I went to work yesterday, the bambino and I went grocery shopping. We got pretty low on ingredient-type stuff and a few other necessities.I also wanted to bust out the juicer again (only slightly inspired by Iowa Girl Eats), because of some recipes Breville provided in the instruction manual. I got a bunch of fruit:

With the exception of the bananas, all the rest of that is going for juice. Well, only half the pineapple is going for juice too. The rest of it, I’ll have to cut into chunks for Jay to eat.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Sunday breakfast, so I picked up some sausage. I figure some juice, sausage, hash browns & toast would be good this morning. And then we’ll be good until dinner tonight.

Everything else. I’m going to make some shredded beef chimichangas later tonight. They were so good the last time I made them, and since Jay’s been fighting a cold for a couple weeks now, I thought something slightly spicy & comforting might help, even if it’s going to be a billion degrees hot outside today.

Jay picked the first jalapeño yesterday.

He turned it into a stuffed pepper that he ate for a snack after we got home last night:

While we were in Sioux Falls, I also picked up a few baking things for myself:

Jay actually bought me the cookbook, although I already know what kind of cupcakes I’m going to make. Red Velvet mini cupcakes. Unlike my cookie flop from last week, I’m hoping this will work out a little better.

I also picked up these:

I’ve gone through many a cookie sheet in my time, and I’ve found the more, the better. Plus, they were only $9 for the set of 3. Jay picked up something that I found rather amusing:

He & the bambino take fish oil supplements (I hate the stuff), and they were almost out. I find this amusing that because it’s now “burpless” it’s no longer odor-free? Whatever.

I don’t bother with them–I did when I was pregnant, but I didn’t care for them. Especially during the last 3 months when even a drink of water would give me heartburn!

And now that I’m positively hungry, I think it’s time I go get started on breakfast!

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