“Pick me back up just to throw me back down…”

I think it’s fairly obvious by the title of this post, but I found out yesterday I did not get the job after all. I had a hunch I wouldn’t, but it still sucked having that hunch confirmed. I’m not going to go into anything more than that, partially because I don’t really know anything more–I didn’t want to ask questions b/c I was on the verge of either punching a wall or bursting into tears when my boss told me, so I figured it was better just to get out of there and calm myself down. But there’s also the fact that my boss’s wife is a Facebook friend and I think on occasion, she might read my blog–And while I’m not happy with the results of the situation, I’m not going to trash my job or my supervisor. For one, I still need it. For two, I’m not going to shoot the messenger. I’m sure it was just as awkward for my boss to have to tell me, then have me go back to my desk, right outside his office.  I also just need some time to lick my wounds and put my big girl pants back on–And I’ve got plenty of it. I’m taking a couple vacation days on Monday & Tuesday, so by Wednesday, I’ll be fine.

Jay was nice enough to buy more George’s last night–I wanted to cook, but I also didn’t. It didn’t take much for him to talk me into it. This time, I got a burger:

I ate the whole thing. It was one of the best damn burgers I’ve had in awhile. I also had the last of these:

After this entire week, it was necessary.

We got up pretty early–Well, earlier than I’d’ve liked. A little alarm clock very kindly yelled to announce that it was “wake-up” time. After an hour or so, we got ready & ran some errands, beginning with the grocery store:

Some dairy products.

Some meat.

The lone produce. I’ve got a baking project for later today that those are for.

Pantry stuff. Mostly for the aforementioned baking project. And more bread tomorrow morning.

We dropped the food off, then headed off to Wal-Mart. I thought I’d give a new yogurt a try:

While I haven’t completely abstained from sugar this past week, I’ve done so enough that this stuff tasted WAY too artificially sweet for my liking. I think I’m just going to have to stick with plain yogurts for awhile!

It’s absolutely gorgeous outside, so after we had some lunch, we took a walk and went down to the park. I sat on the swings for most of the time we were there. That was one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid & we still had a swing set. I need to pop back out to the store in a little while–I’m tempted to just go for a drive out in the country!

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3 Replies to ““Pick me back up just to throw me back down…””

  1. Sorry to hear you didnt get the job>I think you could do very well helping people maybe get your own website and start doing what you do best.

    • Thanks. Believe me, I wish this blog made enough money I could be a professional & full-time blogger. Right now, I’m lucky if I make enough with it to buy a couple candy bars or something each month!

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