“Destination unknown…”

Before we went grocery shopping yesterday morning, I worked up a tentative menu–That way we wouldn’t spend too much…Hopefully anyway. We ended up spending about $65, but there were a few things we got that were REALLY expensive, and while I tried cutting them from the list, Jay was paying this time around & told me to get whatever we needed. Then yesterday afternoon, he decided we should have some steaks, if I didn’t mind grilling, so back to the store we went (and to pick up some hot dogs, since that’s what the bambino wanted). As such, I figured I should probably re-tweak my menu, and shuffle a few things around.

Sunday–Polenta with Fresh Corn (another Gwyneth recipe–Help me!)
Monday–Cincinnati Chili 3-Ways (In light of everything, I’m feeling homesick)
Tuesday–Chicken Piccata
Wednesday–Beef Bacon & Corn Muffins
Thursday–Daycare Potluck Picnic (this is exactly what it sounds like)

The Cupcake & Muffins cookbook Jay bought me a few weeks ago has already come in really handy, as far as giving me SCADS of cupcakes & muffins I want to try making. This morning, I made Double Corn Muffins, and followed the suggested breakfast pairing–Roasted Tomatoes & Bacon. We’ve got a bunch of cherry tomatoes to eat up, so they were perfect!

I seriously love cornbread. I love it. And cornbread with corn in it? Even better.

I ate 2. I couldn’t really taste the cheese in them, but that’s okay.

The rest of breakfast was awesome.

I realized after we were done eating that the produce was awesomely local…In that Jay just had to go to either the backyard or the side yard to get the veggies.

I wish the bacon had been local, but until I scrape together the membership fee for the SD Local Foods Co-op, I’ll have to wait. Or venture off to Elkton & get stuff from the meat locker.

We were supposed to go to for Sunday dinner over at Jay’s parents’ house, so before we left, I finished the cupcakes I was taking over to share.

Strawberries & Cream Cupcakes. Pretty much just strawberry shortcake in cupcake form. I even got a compliment on them from my father-in-law, and he usually ducks out before dessert shows up!

They were just the right amount of sweetness after our meal. And rather pretty-looking, I thought.

I was thinking that I might start some laundry, but seeing as I have 2 extra days to get it done…I’ll probably just be lazy and slack off for awhile this afternoon!

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