“I want to get away, I want to fly away…”

I decided this morning that I want to go somewhere, ANYWHERE next year for a vacation. Excepting weekend trips, we haven’t gone on a real trip since 2006, when Jay won a few days on South Padre Island for being Employee of the Year. We considered that to be our honeymoon, since that was the year we got married. And we’ve never been on a family vacation with the bambino. Two of my good friends back in Ohio have both gone to Florida in the past year with their families, and quite frankly, I’m jealous. Jay & I have talked about this off & on, and nothing against my family, but even I’m getting tired of my “vacations” being hectic visits back home that are crammed with streams of visitors and rushing from place to place to accommodate this relative or this friend, etc. And it never winds up being relaxing–I’m more relieved to come home and get back to work. Plus, no matter how much I try and plan, there are things that when I go back home, I want to see or do, and it never seems to work out. For a couple years, I’ve wanted to go and photograph the Dawes Arboretum in the fall. I’ve still only been there once, and I think it was back in 2002, maybe 2003. I almost never get to go back to Cincinnati, or spend any decent amount of time there.

And I don’t say this to be a jerk…I think most of my family knows it’s a bit of a pain for me, just as I know they probably dislike having to schlep us all around or rearrange their lives to accommodate us! And I would like to think that my family and friends know that I love them all, and would come for more visits if our budgets or time off allowed.

But all that being said, dammit, I’m starting a vacation fund. I don’t care how much I have to scrimp and save, but next summer, I want to go somewhere with my family. I don’t even care if it just means we go out to the Black Hills for a week, or if we drive down to Kansas City (I’m sure I could get recommendations from Hal on what to see & do while there). I want a road trip with my guys to someplace I’ve never been.

All that aside, today’s the first day I felt well-enough to try and actually accomplish something. Last night I’d taken some donut mix out as a reminder to myself to make them this morning. The bambino & Jay got up before I did, and when I came downstairs, the bambino wanted to know when we could have donuts. So I got to work.

I picked this Sof’ella mix up at World Market last week. I goofed with the batter, though. I tried doing as I have in the past and using a piping bag to fill the donut pan…Yeah, that was a big mistake and made a huge mess, because the batter was pretty runny. So I just used a spoon, and that ended up working much better.

Cinnamon Sugar donuts. Man, were those addicting!

Powdered Sugar donuts. I probably should’ve let those on the top there cool off a bit before I dropped them in a bag & shook the powdered sugar all over them. They were still edible!

While Jay & the bambino went off to Jay’s folks (I stayed home more because I thought Jay’s mom was still visiting her sister), I got to work on some treats for dessert:

Oatmeal Peanut Carmelitas, from Gingerbread Bagels.

I’ve eaten 4 of them already, and I could go back and finish the pan. I won’t, but I could. By gods, they’re good!

Dinner was basically a repeat of last night:

Grilled cheese (no peppers) and fries (instead of chips):

I honestly think my panini maker is on its last leg. I noticed the other night that after a couple minutes, one of the lights went off. The same thing happened tonight, and when I unplugged it, I noticed the plug itself was really hot…And it was nowhere near the panini maker. I suppose after 5 years, it probably is dying a slow death.

I got a little bit of laundry done as well. I suppose I should call it a day and get myself to bed!

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5 Replies to ““I want to get away, I want to fly away…””

  1. I totally know what you mean about “vacationing” to see your family. Most of Honey’s and my families are in California, scattered up and down the state. Whenever we make the trip there, EVERYONE wants to spend time with us, and someone always gets their feelings hurt that they didn’t get the same amount of time as someone else did. Now that we have three kids, a big trip like that is definitely out of the question, so we haven’t gone out there in quite awhile. The upside to living so far away from family is that we are more removed from the dramas that happen. Someone always gets mad at someone else, and they aren’t speaking to each other. We are too far away to “take sides” and we are pretty much left out of the loop, thankfully! I imagine that we’ll have a bunch of houseguests when our daughter graduates from high school this May. ACK!

    • I will agree that for the most part, we’re like that too…Far away from the drama that unfolds & we usually don’t find out about stuff until after the fact! :) Still, if my family lived in California, maybe we’d be more inclined to go and see them more often! ;) Just kidding of course…It’s just hard, and what I’d eventually like to do is something along the lines of what my dad had suggested last year (before he got sick again) & all of us meet up someplace central & have a vacation together. Then at least, everyone has to go out of their way, and you can actually spend time visiting and enjoying everything. Maybe we’ll have to try for that for next year…Assuming we all remain healthy!

  2. By the way if I was you guys and I went to Florida I’d totally go to Universal Studios – superhero city! :) That being said growing up we didn’t have a lot of money but did have a lot of kids (as you well know). We never went far – often to local state parks mostly in Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana – but we always went somewhere. That is important to me as well. Disney is a once in a lifetime kind of thing for us. But I do think there are ways to do something small every year and you should definately make that a priority. Your family needs it and deserves it. Good luck!

    • Gah! Don’t tempt me! Lex would LOVE the place! Jay probably would too….But yeah, I think we need to do something fun each year, even if it is going to a state park or something. If nothing else, I need it for my own sanity!

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