“I need a little room to breathe…”

Ever have one of those days that starts off on the wrong foot, and where no matter which way you turn, something’s due or the phone’s ringing or someone needs something right away? Yeah, that’s how today’s been for me.

I stumbled downstairs a little after 5 this morning, and heard some ominous scratching. We have an ancient furnace pipe that runs through Jay’s “library” and up through the bambino’s room. I couldn’t tell if the scratching I heard was coming from inside the pipe or was something on the outside of the pipe, trying to find someplace to latch on. Big chicken that I am, and given our history with Those-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, I went back upstairs to wake Jay. He was far braver than I & flipped on the light to see if there was anything to worry about, and fortunately, there was nothing inside the house, but there was definitely something in the furnace pipe. Jay even cracked up the furnace to try & drive whatever it was out. Hopefully whatever it is, it doesn’t come back tonight. Jay was nice enough to stay downstairs while I got ready for work, just in case.

And once I got to work, the morning started off a little slow, and it was Melissa’s first day back to work in almost 2 months (she’s been very sick, but hopefully on the mend now). As such, I decided that celebration was necessary, so I took some brownies to work:

I actually came home with 5 of them, but I ate 2 as soon as I walked in the door.

Work got really busy for about the hour & a half before I went to lunch. And after lunch, I thought things would calm a little bit, and I could catch up but I got busy again. I was very glad when 5 o’clock rolled around, and it was time to go. I’d waffled on whether I wanted to cook dinner, or order something. It didn’t take much for me to decide it was a George’s kind of evening.

Jay got a pizza, as did the bambino, and I had myself a burger:

“Those are good burgers, Walter.”

I’m really hoping tomorrow will be much calmer. It’s going to be a long two weeks while Cyndi’s away!

Once we got home, Jay picked a TON of cherry tomatoes:

It’s kind of late now, but I was thinking of roasting most, if not all of them. Anyone else have any ideas for what to do with a glut of cherry tomatoes?

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3 Replies to ““I need a little room to breathe…””

  1. I feel your pain today! I’m exhausted and I took the kids to Skyline for dinner because I needed to indulge a little. It definately helped my mood.

  2. Thanks for the brownies! I think I ate all but the five you took home while everyone else went to lunch. My doctor said to listen to my body and it said: “Eat those brownies!” You are the best.

  3. Erin–It’s been a rough one, I tell ya! I’m looking forward to the long weekend with Labor Day! And I would give my right arm for some Skyline right now. Maybe I’ll make some over the weekend for a little taste of home.

    Melissa–You’re very welcome. They were yours for the eating :) It’s good to have you back, friend!