“Wherever I have gone I was sure to find myself there…”

Man, oh man…I feel like my self-esteem has just taken a beating lately. I’m frustrated and fed up with things that I know will never change, that I’m powerless to do anything about…And I should just let it go. But it’s hard. I’ve never been a “glass is half-full” type person…I’m very much a pessimist, and have always found that if something crappy will happen, 99% of the time, it will happen to me or someone in my family. I married an optimist, although it’s still a struggle for me not to look on the down side of things.

Sometimes cooking helps either relieve tension and stress, and sometimes it cheers me up. Jay offered to buy me dinner again this evening, but I told him I’d rather cook something. It gave me a chance to use my meat mallet, which always makes the process fun.

The makings of some Salsa Chicken. I’ve made it before and while I never use the salsa recipe (not a fan of the chunks), it’s still good.

The original recipe is from the American Heart Association’s No-Fad Diet Cookbook. It’s simple–Cornmeal, red pepper flakes, cilantro & lime zest. I never have limes around for the zest, so I just skip it. It’s still good.

I almost always serve it with rice. Brown rice. Tonight’s was just water, salt & pepper, but usually I make it with chicken broth, more lime juice and some cilantro. I was feeling a bit lazy this evening–And I was starving so I was in  a bit of a hurry to get dinner on the table.

And no, it’s not ketchup on the chicken–It’s taco sauce. Medium-spiced taco sauce. And more carmelitas for dessert.

Delish! I think we have one left…And I’ll probably eat it for lunch tomorrow. I’m leaving early since I work Saturday morning. Geek that I am, I’m going grocery shopping, and I’m actually a little excited about it.

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2 Replies to ““Wherever I have gone I was sure to find myself there…””

    • Both were DELISH! The chicken’s one of my favorite recipes…Just enough zing to make it pop! And anything with chocolate & peanuts is a winner in my book!