“Well I sit and I pray…”

This was going to be a good day. A good week. Last night I got an email letting me know that I won another giveaway! This time, it was courtesy of Megan at Foodalution. Soon I’ll be receiving some cool candied nuts and dried fruit snacks. Hooray! And thanks Megan!

And this evening, my prize from Shannon’s Kitchen Creation arrived!

My selection of chips:

We’ve already opened the Jalapeño & the Chocolate. Both are REALLY good. Thanks again Shannon!

But today, in spite of my best efforts, everything felt off. And then I got a call from my sister, telling me my dad’s heading back into the hospital. I haven’t mentioned it too much on here, but my dad’s had some serious health problems for several years now. For about the past 2 months, he’s been battling gall stones, a liver infection, and hernia issues. It makes me sad. I just want my dad to get better. He’s a good person. He doesn’t deserve all this.

And because today was crappy enough, I finally got around to trying my $3 wine I bought awhile ago.

It had nice color.

And it tastes like Merlot. It’ll do in a pinch…Or on days like today when I need something to take the edge off. Because I just gave up on caring about today, I opted for these for dinner:

3 of my favorite things: Cheddar, potatoes, and bacon. Yum.

Tomorrow night, I’ll eat something more substantial:

Yup. Pork butt. Delicious, crock pot pulled pork (butt). And with that, I should go read my kid his story and tuck him in, and maybe unload my dishwasher.

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4 Replies to ““Well I sit and I pray…””

    • Thanks Hester! Usually I don’t win too much, but lately, my luck seems to have turned around! The pork roast is going into my crock pot on low for 8-10 hours, and I’ll be adding some homemade BBQ sauce to it, then shredding it for sandwiches. I’ll have pictures & a post later this evening!