“Pain, will you return it?”

I’m finally biting the bullet, and admitting that my back pain isn’t going away. I made an appointment with a doctor tomorrow. The pain today is about as bad or even worse than when this first started. I’m hobbling around like an old lady, I can’t bend over, I can’t stand up without difficulty, I walk stiffly, almost like I’ve got a stick up me arse! And my legs are a little numb. I’m just hoping that I don’t have to have an MRI…I’m claustrophobic, and while I’ve had them before, I’d prefer not to go back into the tube!

Because I’m hurting, I decided to make dinner easy on myself.

Enter the crock pot. And the pork butt.

I made up a batch of my Simple BBQ Sauce, cut up a pork butt, and tossed it all the crock pot until we got home from work. And then I got some fries cooking:

Sweet potato fries. It was either that or tots. I thought these would go a little better, and they cooked while I shredded my butt.

While I worked on that, I cranked the heat up to high, and let the BBQ sauce boil down a bit. Once I was done shredding, I stuck the butt back in to heat through. And while that was reheating, I got the table set, even with condiments:

I like my BBQ sauce a little spicy, but I didn’t put any cayenne in like I normally would. The bambino wouldn’t eat anything otherwise. So I used some hot sauce instead.

And thus, dinner was served. I think I would’ve liked bigger buns, but Jay & I were being cheap & trying to save a couple bucks, so I used buns leftover from when we had sausage sliders. After dinner was done, I made myself some cocoa, and thought maybe the warm milk would help relax me at least until my ibuprofen kicked in. The pain’s not quite as bad right now, but it’s still there. Hopefully if nothing else, I can at least get some techniques or exercises to try to alleviate the pain!

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