“I fought the law and I won…”

I generally don’t mention too much about my job, both because this is mostly a food blog and doesn’t have much to do with where I work or what I do for a living, and also because we do have a social media policy in place, so I can’t really talk about it anyway. But this is general enough, that I don’t think it’s a big deal. My boss has a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, and a couple months ago, we found out that the subscription expired. We got it renewed with the help of our Accounts Payable department, and were told we’d be mailed an invoice. That was back in July, and we never got an invoice. So, Accounts Payable started calling, asking for the invoice to be emailed or faxed, or snail-mailed, and still it never came. Beginning Monday, I called them everyday until yesterday. Yesterday, I talked to someone, got pretty huffy about it, because I felt like we were getting the runaround about it, told him we couldn’t pay the bill until we got the bill, etc., etc. The guy I talked to said I’d just have to trust him and that he would personally speak to his supervisor and get me that invoice. I ended up hanging up on him, because I got mad enough about it, and I didn’t believe him. I yelped about an hour later when I opened an email from Accounts Payable that was a copy of the invoice they’d been finally emailed. I was kind of proud of myself for getting that squared away and for being persistent (it became sort of a challenge for me and I was bound & determined to get that invoice come hell or high water!). Yea!

That was yesterday, though. Today I’ve alternated between feeling zooey from the muscle relaxer and feeling sorry for myself for various reasons, not the least of which is my resentment at having an injured back. After we got home, and in the middle of a discussion regarding dinner, we heard a knock at the door. I answered it and found a box on the porch. Inside was this:

Funny story about this marinade…I got an email from Foodbuzz a few days ago that said I’d been selected to receive some KC Masterpiece as part of the Tastemakers program. I was pretty sure that one has to be a Featured Publisher in order to be a Tastemaker, so I emailed them back, and told them that while I was happy to receive the sample, I didn’t feel right about accepting it. I got an email back from Foodbuzz, thanking me for letting them know, and that probably I was still a Featured Publisher when I originally opted in (and I do remember that’s the case), so consider it a gift from Foodbuzz. I will!

We ended up going out for dinner:

The bambino decided he wanted chicken, and while Jay was thinking we should just go to the grocery store, I didn’t really feel like cooking. So off to Hardee’s we went. I got some chicken too:

And some sauce:

Creamy buffalo for the chicken, ketchup for the fries. It was good. Afterwards, I decided I wanted some ice cream, so we ended up at the grocery store anyway. I came across discounted lunch bags, and while I don’t need one, I came across this:

Plaid! And for $3.50, I couldn’t pass it up. I got a few more items:

A whole lot of dairy. I do believe I’ll be going back to smoothies for breakfast for a little while.

I found a recipe using a bunch of cherry tomatoes on the Tasty Kitchen website, and I needed bowties.

And I got myself some ice cream. I opened the Chocolate Chocolate Chip, and this time I shared with the bambino. I don’t think I’m going to share the mocha.

Chicken, for the KC Masterpiece marinade.

And the produce. The celery and onion are for tomato soup. We finally had a few Romas that ripened, so I’m going to make some soup with them. The potatoes are for Potatoes Romanoff, another recipe off Tasty Kitchen. I thought they might pair well enough with the steaks we’re going to grill this weekend. And I am pleased that I came in at just over $38!

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5 Replies to ““I fought the law and I won…””

  1. Your love of grocery stores is epic. Honestly if you could find some job that would let you grocery shop I think you’d be the happiest person alive!

    • I’m such a nerd, aren’t I? Y’know, I should start offering my services to grocery shop for other people. Not only would I make money, but I could spend other people’s money at the same time!

  2. Oh and I can appreciate your persistence with the call. That is one of my favorite things to do – to get what is owed to me. I have a long line of success stories, the one I’m proudest of is a free trip to Vegas. Don’t mess with angry women.

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