Of Steak and Soup

Today’s been absolutely gorgeous outside. The weather is just perfect. Not too hot, and slightly cool in late afternoon/early evening. It makes me just a little sad that Autumn seems to be here already, but as long as You-Know-What doesn’t make an appearance until at least late November, I’ll be okay.

We went to Jay’s parents’ for Sunday dinner. My father-in-law grilled steaks and hot dogs (my mother-in-law doesn’t like steak. My father-in-law claims it’s because she’s never had a good steak). After we got back home, I had Jay and the bambino get me some veggies from the garden.

Some carrots. This guy’s a little cheeky:

The bambino kept calling it the “butt carrot.” I haven’t used it yet, but I’m sure I will. They also brought me a bunch of tomatoes, which I needed for some tomato soup. Before I got that started, I began working on dessert.

I swear, if I had to choose my dessert for a last meal, I would be fine with a cup of cream and a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Man, ganache is freakin’ GOOD. Once the chocolate and cream were combined, I set it aside to cool while I started chopping veggies.

First the aromatics.

The tomatoes & chicken broth. And a few other ingredients. Then I got to use my favorite kitchen gadget after my meat mallet:

My immersion blender! My godmother got it for me as a wedding gift, and I LOVE it. I’ve only ever used the blender attachment for soups, but it came with a mini chopper and a whisk, both of which I use frequently. Once I got the soup to the desired consistency (ie., no chunks of any sort), it was time to eat.

I sometimes like to toss Cheez-its in my tomato soup, but since I made more garlic toast, I figured some croutons would go a little better. The soup was good. Dessert was even better, though:

Chocolate mousse! Cream, semi-sweet chocolate, almond extract, and a couple slivered almonds. And I got to use the ramekins I bought a couple weeks ago. 8 servings, with only 3 eaten means there’s 5 ramekins left over…For me to devour tomorrow!

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