Successful Sunday

I got started late on stuff today, but I spent most of the afternoon bustling around doing this, that & the other thing. Jay and I tried the Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Hot Cereal. He really liked it, but I thought it was just okay.

(Look, I just invented a bowl of nuts and grains for breakfast!)

I putzed around for a bit–Jay and the bambino were going on a walk, until they discovered the garage door wouldn’t open. Then apparently our new neighbors wandered over to chat and introduce themselves. Jay did get the garage door fixed (for the second time), then we headed out to run errands. I had intended for Jay and the bambino to get haircuts, but Great Clips was closed for the holiday. So we headed to Wally World to get the bambino some new pants. It was cool enough this afternoon that I wanted him to wear pants, but all of his pants from the spring were all too tight, too short, or both. So I got him a couple pairs to tide him over until the next time we go to Sioux Falls and I can do some proper fall/winter shopping for him.

After we came home, I got to work in the kitchen on a few things. I made some small loaves of bread for tomorrow’s dinner.

I thought they turned out rather well.

I’m debating on having one with my lunch tomorrow–I’ll finish off the rest of yesterday’s soup, unless Jay opts to take it with him. While the bread was rising and such, I also got to work on dinner. Grilled chicken and Potatoes Romanoff.

I didn’t use the shallots or completely white cheddar called for in the recipe, but I think they turned out okay. I also skipped the sour cream, in favor of using Greek yogurt. We had plenty of leftovers, so I think later this week, meatloaf might make an appearance. I think the two would pair nicely.

I tried out the KC Masterpiece Buffalo Marinade I got from Foodbuzz last week. I used it on mine and Jay’s chicken, while I left the bambino’s chicken plain:

And as usual, the bambino ate the number of pieces I asked him to, then hopped down from the table. Jay finished his chicken for him.

I had the notion of making some mini cupcakes, as Nicole from work dropped a couple hints that it might be nice if I brought some in this week. Between the bread, the grilling, and the laundry, I was just too exhausted. I probably still could’ve gotten them made in a decent amount of time, but I would’ve had to frost them tomorrow morning. I think maybe I’ll just wait until tomorrow evening to make anything.

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5 Replies to “Successful Sunday”

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  2. I did the same thing with Kenny. He started preschool today and it was freakishly cold. Thank goodness I had bought a couple of long pants/ long sleeved shirts or I would have looked like a horrible mom. I guess fall is coming early here and now I need to go shopping.

    • Oh, I’m totally that mom–sending my kid to daycare in shorts, then wondering why he comes home in pants & a jacket! I’m going shopping very soon.