“Another day older & deeper in debt…”

I wasn’t the only one who thought today seemed REALLY long. I remember looking at the clock after lunch and I was shocked that it was only 2:45. 5 o’clock seemed to take forever to arrive. I was happy to get home, though. Packages make long days seem not so bad. Especially ones that contain shoes.

Pair #1:

And Pair #2:

I haven’t decided if I’m going to return Pair #1…They’re a tad looser than I was expecting. I’ll mull it over a bit more.

I had planned on making a meatloaf for dinner, and using the leftover Potatoes Romanoff. However, when I checked on the ground beef, it was still more frozen than not. I still don’t trust micro-thawing meat, and since I’m one that mixes meatloaf with my hands (freshly washed, of course), I’d rather the meat be thawed! Instead, we had leftover pasta:

Leftover Spaghetti Limone Parmeggiano. We also had the rest of the rolls I made the other day, with the last of our dipping spices:

It was good. Jay mentioned something about ice cream, and I wanted dessert. Since I messed up the cupcakes last night, there wasn’t anything to snack on, so I made myself some cocoa to sip:

It hit the spot. Jay suggested we wait until the weekend before treating ourselves to ice cream, and I thought that might be a good idea. Of course, I think I might try again with the cupcakes tomorrow night…After I make that meatloaf!

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4 Replies to ““Another day older & deeper in debt…””

  1. I love aerosoles–they’re the only shoes I’ll buy for work anymore, being up on my feet for most of the day. I even have a pair of black boots with a 3 1/2 in wedge heel that I can wear for 10 hours without wanting to slice my feet off. Hard to find in stores, but if you know your size, great selection on website!