“Fear is talking, always talking…”

I’ll start with my rant for today, then move on to the food. Today’s my mom’s birthday, so once we were done with dinner, etc., I had the bambino call to wish her a happy birthday. After he was done, I chatted with her a bit–My older sister had back surgery today, so we talked about that a bit (I also talked with my brother-in-law after dinner), and then we got to talking about my dad. I alluded earlier to him having had a lot of health issues lately…Ever since June, he’s been in and out of the hospital with various gastrointestinal issues. Oddly enough, it all started around the same time as Melissa’s health problems, and they’re eerily similar. He ended up with a liver infection, due to a gall stone blocking a bile duct. Funny thing is, when they went to remove his gall bladder after the infection healed, they discovered he didn’t have a gall bladder. Yes, that’s right, NO gall bladder. Which might explain the last few years of gastrointestinal distress he’s experienced. But why they didn’t see that on an ultrasound or CT scan, I do not know. The other funny thing is, we don’t know when it was removed. The suspicion is that back when the vast majority of this all started, my dad had to have about a third of his colon removed, and they took his gall bladder then. And not surprisingly, that surgery happened at the Cincinnati VA hospital. I think it’s absolutely shameful and disgusting the way the VA “cares” for its patients. If I could sue them for my dad’s deteriorating health, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Okay, end rant. This week has been long enough as it is. Since I saw her post yesterday, I had it in my head that I needed to make Baked Panzanella Caprese, as Iowa Girl Eats did. I had the tomatoes and the mozzarella, but I needed bread and basil. We popped out to the store after work this evening, and picked up the necessary ingredients.

I got to use my mandoline, which is also one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. The tomatoes were ripe enough that they kind of fell apart, but that’s okay.

I ended up trying to slice the mozzarella with a cheese slicer–It worked okay. I can’t chiffonade basil to save my life though.

Not that I care that much–I didn’t use near the basil called for in the recipe. I don’t care for a lot of basil in dishes. It’s one reason I don’t care for pesto. After the cheese layer came the bread cubes.

It smelled SO good even before I got it into the oven. And after I pulled it out of the oven?

Crunchy on top, bubbly and cheesy underneath.

SO good. I want to make it again soon. I just need more mozzarella now. After dinner, Jay took us out for ice cream, as he promised. I got my Peanut Butter Bash.

I don’t know why, but DQ never puts lids on anything unless you ask for them. Poor Jay had to juggle his Blizzard, my PB Bash, and the bambino’s chocolate ice cream until we got home. It was a nice cap to an otherwise dismal week! And with that, I think I’ll go to bed.

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4 Replies to ““Fear is talking, always talking…””

  1. Holy cow, that baked caprese looks amazing. I’ll have to give that one a try! Careful with the mandolin…a good friend of mine had a bloody run-in with hers last week. :(

    • It IS amazing. Jay wasn’t “wowed” by it, but it’s so much easier talking him into “vegetarian” night if I can make something that features produce from our garden. :) Sadly, I have cut myself before on my mandoline–Along with my chef’s knife, my bread knife, and my Santoku knife…It came with a guard for use when slicing, and ever since, I ALWAYS use it. I prefer to keep all my digits intact, if I can!