What happens when a control freak actually lets go….

I’m very possessive. With virtually everything. It’s not that I never learned to share…Well, maybe I didn’t, and that’s why growing up, my sister Kendra and I always had things that were usually the same, but slightly different (as in, whatever I got was usually something in a shade of green, and whatever she got was in a shade of blue). I am possessive of things on my desk at work (even though everyone seems to treat my desk like the supplies on it are a free-for-all open to the public), and often times will spend 5 minutes searching for another pen that writes, rather than parting with my own, perfectly-fine-working pen. The best piece of advice Kendra ever gave me was right around the time the bambino was born. She told me, “Don’t be afraid to be selfish with your baby.” I wasn’t–And I think it kind of drove my mother-in-law a little nuts. But I got a little twitchy whenever someone other than Jay or myself was holding him. I’ve never liked lending people outside my immediate family books, because either they don’t treat books the same way we all do, or they’re not returned in a timely fashion. I’m the same way with my kitchen…I have my way of doing things, my way of putting away dishes or pans or mixing bowls and if it ends up in the wrong spot, I get irritable. I can think of only about 3 different occasions where someone else has cooked, and each time, it’s been my mom. To my knowledge, other than reheating leftovers or cooking frozen pizzas or dinner entrees, Jay has not actually ever cooked a meal in my kitchen (yes, it’s MY kitchen) in the almost-4 years we’ve lived in our house. Until tonight.

I gave up the reins and let Jay handle dinner.

He’s especially good at making stir-fries, something I don’t eat, but he’s got a far more experimental palate than I do.

Chicken, pineapple, bell pepper, and water chestnuts. He doesn’t have a recipe so I hovered over him, taking some notes while he cooked. I offered to make some rice to go with it (more because I had a feeling that was about all the bambino might eat).

The end result?

Good job, Jay!

I almost managed to clean my plate:

I didn’t feel that guilty about leaving all that rice–I kept picking water chestnuts, more chicken and pineapples out of the serving bowl, so I am now FULL. And how am I feeling after all is said and done, and I let someone else wreak havoc in my kitchen?

And now, I’m off to Katie’s so we can make fun of her husband & some of his friends, and have a couple glasses of wine! Have a great evening!

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6 Replies to “What happens when a control freak actually lets go….”

  1. Nicely done Jay! Congrats on letting go of your domain Chica……I just don’t understand where you get it….

  2. Awesome! I love stir frys too. I was lucky in that the first 5 years of our marriage Joe cooked everything. It was only when I started to stay home that I began to cook more.