“The killing moon will come too soon…”

Egads! I woke up to it being FREEZING this morning!

It’s too soon, it’s too soon, it’s too soon. We’re not done harvesting stuff from the garden, overall we had a super-short growing season anyway…And yes, I know it’ll warm back up over the next few days, but I don’t want to have to think about what’s still to come just yet.

I haven’t been cooking much the past couple days, and I haven’t been feeling like writing too much. Tuesday night, I got my hair cut and picked up some stuff for sandwiches on my way home from the salon. Last night, Jay ordered George’s for us:

This time, I got myself a burger, as did the bambino. But we had a battle of wills about getting him to eat, and it took him over 2 hours to finish a decent portion. Part of it is my fault–I let us crash in front of the TV, and didn’t make us move to the table when the food got here. No more of that from now on.

I’ve also been formulating a tentative menu–I’ve been a little inspired by this:

The French part of me is in love with this issue. So far, though, the only things I think I’m going to attempt are Chicken Lyonnaise, and Pommes Anna. We’re going to Sioux Falls this weekend, and I might just have to get myself a pan for madeleines! It depends on what I spend other places, as I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow night, because of this:

What I didn’t photograph on the back side is the pork loin that’s on sale, which is my main reason for going. I’ve got to revise and go back over my list tonight and figure out what all I need. Or, what all I’m going to buy here in town, as I’m planning on going to Pomegranate Market while we’re in Sioux Falls. Basically, I’m going to stock up onĀ beef and milk. Maybe some pork and chicken, but I don’t know yet. It depends on what I get at Hy-Vee here in town.

Thanks to the chill in the air, I thought some warm soup would be good for dinner. Jay picked a bunch of tomatoes, so I figured I’d make the soup I bailed on making over the weekend. But we popped out to traM-laW after Jay & the bambino picked me up from work, and by the time we got there, I decided I wanted Guadalajara.

And yeah, I forgot to get a picture of the whole entree. I was too busy stuffing my face with chips & salsa. And after we came home, I got myself a big bowl of ice cream. I think I’m going to put off the grocery shopping until Saturday morning…I got sucked into reading comments and threads at a particularly snarky blog, so I haven’t gone back over my list or finished my menu for the week. There’s always tomorrow night, thankfully!

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7 Replies to ““The killing moon will come too soon…””

  1. Just curious: why do you type it traM-laW? (I’m so thick-headed, it took me a few posts to actually figure out what it was…Duh…)

      • Oh okay, just curious. I thought that maybe you were trying to avoid Big Brother search engines picking up on it or something…I’m kinda weird/paranoid about stuff like that. LOL

        • I probably should be…On an older blog that I shut down, I ran my mouth a lot about political stuff, and my husband was always paranoid Men In Black were going to come take me away one day! :D

  2. Ok, now I want Guad.

    Finding your blog… evil. Pomegranate Market? I hadn’t heard of that before! I’ll have to check it out!

    Oh, and thanks for reminding me I forgot about the sale at Hy-Vee yesterday. Oops!!

    • Welcome! :) Where are you located, Courtney (and if you don’t want to answer, I understand)? Pomegranate’s in the Beakon Centre in Sioux Falls, if you’re familiar with the area. Lots of local, organic & natural groceries–I try to stick to items I can’t get in Brookings. Next to Great Harvest Bakery, which I also recommend!

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