Dinner Times Two

Other than managing to get the laundry folded before Jay went to bed last night, I did pretty much nothing all day yesterday. I finished reading my latest Food & Wine issue, and found about 4 more recipes I want to try out–Most notably some buckwheat crackers and (more importantly) pumpkin croissant bread pudding. I had to restrain myself from jumping in the car and going to the grocery store for a 3rd day in a row to go get pumpkin, croissants and heavy cream. My sheer laziness talked my ambition into waiting until at least next Tuesday, when at 2:00 PM, I will officially be on vacation for a few days. At least until next month, if/when my mom finalizes her plans for a visit. I’m enough of a geek that I’m already planning out the cooking/baking projects I’m going to attempt while I’m home. The crackers and croissant pudding are just the start!

I gave the bambino the option of having Pommes Anna or regular mashed potatoes with dinner, and he chose mashed potatoes. We’d brought home his Texas Roadhouse leftovers and while he inhaled his cheeseburgers, he didn’t touch his fries. I asked if he even liked them, and he said he didn’t mind them sometimes, but they’re not his favorite. The only reason I mentioned it was because while at the restaurant, I’d been telling Jay about my dad’s loathing of mashed potatoes (and most forms of potatoes in general), and I wondered if the bambino had the same aversion to fries. And while I just bought a 10-lb. bag of potatoes at the store Saturday morning, Jay took the opportunity to go and check on the potatoes we’re trying to grow in the garden, since they’re the last things left in there (besides a few carrots).

They look like potatoes on the outside.

And on the inside too! In fact, of the 6 or so I peeled, only one looked questionable on the inside, so I’d say our potato experiment was/is a success. Instead of making the Chicken Lyonnaise like I planned, I just pounded out, breaded and fried the chicken breasts. And since the bambino wanted mashed potatoes, that meant I could make gravy. And making gravy meant:

Crackers & gravy. Yes, I know it looks like a plate of vomit, but it’s SO good! Starchy & carb-eriffic (yeah, I know. Shoot me.). A carb junkie’s dream. And it’s a little reminder of home, and my dad (who’s finally out of the hospital, thank the gods) and my grandad.

Tonight, we used up more from our garden–Romas. I finally got around to making some tomato soup.

And I made toast with the Cheddar Garlic Great Harvest bread. Amanda was right–That stuff is GOOD. Jay actually asked for a second piece, and he never loads up on bread.

I couldn’t get over the hunk o’cheddar in my slice. After I cleaned up the dining room and kitchen, I decided I was going to try a recipe that Allison emailed me this afternoon. It’s for a 5-Minute Chocolate Mug Cake. I was somewhat skeptical that it would turn out, or if it did, it would be more like lava cake.

I was pleased that it looked normal enough.

I didn’t have chocolate chips, so I used peanut butter chips instead. Taste-wise, it’s rather dense, but the next time I want something chocolate and don’t want to wait for brownies or something along those lines, it’ll be perfect.

I got my new issue of Everyday Food, and I’ve already found 3 recipes I want to make in the next week or so…More for me to do on vacation, I guess! And because I feel like shamelessly plugging myself, there’s still plenty of time to enter my autumn-themed foods giveaway!

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