“You don’t win friends with salad!”

I’ve been drained today. I slept fine–At least I thought I did. It might very well be the weather. It’s been gloomy and windy as all get-out today, and I was kind of hoping for some comfort food this evening. Specifically, I wanted to make a beef and tomato stroganoff dish that’s in the latest Everyday Food. I gave the bambino the option between that, and a flank steak with arugula and potato salad. He opted for the steak and potatoes. Which was okay. A coworker gave me a bunch of fresh herbs from her garden, including some rosemary:

Which I needed along with some finely minced garlic and olive oil, to put on the steak. I couldn’t find arugula by itself at the store, so I substituted a bag of mixed baby herbs instead. All the potatoes came from our garden. The salad was dressed in balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil, which I actually liked. I usually don’t care for balsamic vinegar. Overall I think it turned out pretty well:

Although I would’ve liked the steak just a little more cooked. There were a few pieces that were rarer than I would’ve liked, but I let Jay eat those. I’ll be having a bunch of leftover salad with the potatoes that the bambino didn’t eat and a few slices of steak for lunch tomorrow.

I’m curious to try it again with actual arugula. And actual fingerling potatoes, instead of Yukon Golds.

When we were at the store, I decided we needed some dessert.

Enter Blue Bunny.

Damn you Peanut Butter Fudge Chip. I’ve had 4 of them. Good thing I’m going to bed soon, or I might be inclined to eat the whole box!

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7 Replies to ““You don’t win friends with salad!””

  1. Those ice cream bars? Holy crap. They don’t carry them in California. So sad.

    I love Arugula. I need to try that recipe. I always forgot to try new things with it.

    • I’m a sucker for ANYthing chocolate & peanut butter, and I seriously did a happy dance when I discovered the last one in the freezer about 30 minutes ago. :)

      I’m really starting to love arugula too–I have another recipe that wilts it with garlic & thinly sliced ribeye. Mmmm!

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