I need someone to help me with time management. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always waited until the last minute for everything. My mom claims she was in labor for 2 weeks with me (Braxton-Hicks, Mom? Maybe?), but I always like to point out that it should’ve been a very early sign that I would be a procrastinator.

We’re having a contest today at work–A celebration of Fall Harvest…And a Salsa Battle. So, me, being the occasional show-off that I am, I decided to make a salsa and an autumn-like cake to enter. But that meant going to the grocery store right after work, which is NEVER a good idea. And because Hy-Vee is having a pretty sweet sale on milk (99¢ for a half-gallon) and butter ($1.99/lb.), I’ve been making us go every night until this sale is over. I will make us go again after work. Jay thinks I’m nuts, but the 2 gallons we bought at Pomegranate over the weekend? Almost gone. So here’s the haul from the store:

The dairy, including cheap milk and butter.

The produce. I have NO idea what I’m going to do with all that cilantro. No clue.

Steak. Because I will have my beef stroganoff sometime this weekend!

The pantry goods. One of the bulk bin bags is about 1/3-lb. of pecans. I thought maybe I’d get a better deal there than just buying a bag in the baking aisle. Nope. That 1/3-lb. set me back about $7. Eep! Good thing I like pecans and was snacking on them while I made this:

Apple-pecan cake, from Everyday Food. I don’t think any of my fellow employees who’re on the judging panel with me will see this before work, so I think I’m safe in posting this. I almost panicked when I started assembling my ingredients, because I’d forgotten to pick up unsweetened applesauce while we were at the store. Thankfully, I had a jar in the fridge that had not yet expired. While that baked, I got to work on this:

My salsa entry. I had Jay taste-test for me (I don’t like chunky salsas, nor do I like raw tomatoes, but I did sample the liquid at the bottom). It’s spicy! Which was my intent.

Not so hot that it’s inedible, but it’s enough of a kick that I was surprised by the heat–which is courtesy of 2 lemon peppers and 2 Habañeros. And lord, there really is a reason they tell you to wear gloves when working with hot peppers. 8 hours later, and I made the mistake of rubbing my eye when I woke up. Yeah, that stung. I’ve washed my hands about 4 times, with hot soapy water, for about 5 minutes each time, and the oils from the peppers are STILL on my fingertips! I wonder how long before I won’t have to worry about that anymore….

Last call: My giveaway ends this evening at 6:00 PM, so if you haven’t entered yet, there’s still time!

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8 Replies to “Swamped!”

    • I still don’t buy that your doc would let you go that long without inducing…I still think you’re exaggerating! But it was 30+ years ago, so what do I know?

  1. Your salsa looks amazing! Everytime I try to make a salsa, it is WAY too spicy–death by hot peppers!
    All that cilantro you bought inspired me to post my recipe for tandoori chicken on my blog. I also back-linked to my recipe for black bean and corn salsa. Both of those recipes use cilantro, if you’re interested.

    • This stuff is super-spicy–I’m cracking up because I’m on a break from work now, and there are quite a few people who can’t quite handle the heat! :)

      I’ll have to check out your recipes–I don’t want to throw out all that cilantro if I can help it!

      • Another idea is to just dry the cilantro. Tie the stems together by a string, so it looks like a bouquet. Then hang it upside down (I usually use a clothes hanger) and set it in a warm, dry place until it’s dry and crunchy. Then you can break it up into little bits and store it in a plastic baggie like other dried herbs. Waste not, want not, I always say!

  2. LOL… My mom insists she was in labor for 7 days, and I was born 3 and a half weeks early. You’d think I’d show up on time for things, wouldn’t you? But no, I compensate by being late for everything for the rest of my life.