“Everyone knows it’s Windy…”

Yes, it is what the National Weather Service calls “Breezy,” today. Breezy me arse–When I have to drive 65 mph or less to keep my car from drifting all over the road (the speed limit here in SoDak is 75 mph on the highways), it’s a little more than “breezy.” “Gusty” would’ve been my choice description.

I popped down to Sioux Falls this morning for my oil change, brake check (they’re okay) and tire rotation. Alas and alack, one of the seals on an axel (yes, I am car machinery ignorant) is leaking oil. Had I been able to leave the car & come back, they could’ve done it today, but I didn’t want to chance not being able to get back to Brookings before it’s time to pick up Jay and the bambino, so I made another appointment for the same time on Native American Day (Columbus Day across the rest of the country). I just need to find out from Jay if he’ll have to work that day, in which case, I’m buying flowers or something for my mother-in-law in the hopes that she can watch the bambino for the day!

Once I got done at the dealership, I headed off to the mall. I had some jeans to return for the bambino–The kid just will not wear jeans unless they’re a last resort. And even then, it’s a struggle to get him to put them on. He prefers khakis or cargo pants, which is all fine and well, but especially in winter, I’d prefer him to wear something of a slightly thicker material. Especially during the gods-forsaken winters on the frozen tundra out here. But I don’t want to think about that just yet. Fall’s barely started–I’d like to enjoy it before my crushing winter depression sets in.

On my way to the mall, I decided to pop into Michael’s on a whim. My first winter here in SoDak, we were going in there for something, I don’t even remember what now, but I slid on ice in the parking lot, and crashed into a parked car. Not fun. And coward/weirdo that I am, I’ve shied away from going there ever since–I usually make us drive all the way out to Hobby Lobby, which is about 20 minutes out of the way. But today, I thought I’d venture in, because the road Hobby Lobby is on is under construction, and I didn’t feel like dealing with any more Sioux Falls traffic than I needed to. I spent less than I was anticipating and got all this:

A project for tomorrow. I also got these:

I thought they were cute. And I’ve been promising the bambino that sometime next month, we’ll make some Halloween cupcakes together. I also picked up this:

Yes, I drive a Kia. Don’t make fun. I don’t even like white chocolate, but as soon as I read “Tiramisu Filling,” my dislike went out the door. That bar didn’t even make it to the mall parking lot–I snarfed it down that quickly (the mall was maybe a 5-10 minute drive, from Michael’s).

I returned the bambino’s jeans. I also went looking for some jeans for myself, as well as some new undergarments–Specifically bras. Not to get too TMI, but in the past 6 months, I’ve had 2 underwires snap on me, while I’ve been at work. That makes for an uncomfortable afternoon. I hate bra shopping as much as I hate shopping for jeans, but until today, I didn’t have anything that could be discreetly worn underneath a white or other light-colored shirt! I do need to give Macy’s a call though…The bras were supposed to be buy 2 get one free, but I got charged for all 3 of mine.

Enough of that. After my harrowing drive back to Brookings (I swear living out here has turned me into a chicken on the road! I’d almost rather go back to dealing with bigger-city traffic), I checked the mail and found these:

I happened to see someone I follow on Twitter had gotten a free pack, through Klout, so I decided to get some too (I did have to pay shipping & handling). Way back when, I got free mini cards from moo through Foodbuzz, but I’ve stopped using them since I’m no longer with Foodbuzz. I ended up using some of my photos as opposed to my blog logo, because I couldn’t get the design small enough to fit in the printable area without being cut off. I thought they turned out well:

Although, really, I don’t know why I felt the need to spend the $5 on S&H and take an hour to design them…I don’t even hand out any of the other ones I got that DO have my logo on them, so I have no idea what I’m going to do with all these! For the next 40 minutes, though, I’m going to scour the internet in search of a decent spice cake recipe…I decided on the drive home (when I wasn’t cursing the wind) that spice cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting might be fun to make tomorrow. I just need a recipe for the cake!

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9 Replies to ““Everyone knows it’s Windy…””

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting some “Mom” business cards to hand out to the kids friends. Honestly I need a day planner just to keep Josie & Kenny’s friends and their parents straight. I’m so bad with names – I need a system to keep track of people.

    • For right now, I work with the parents of Lex’s friends, but I know it’s all going to go downhill once he starts school–I’m awful with names too!

      • We have the Sedona minivan. I did a LOT of research before the boys were born about which minivan was safest, most economical, etc. We kept going back to the Kia, and we’ve been really happy with it. Eventually, I’d like a Sorento, but that will be several years from now.

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