Bake me some cupcakes, as fast as you can

My last official day of vacation. I’m a little sad, to tell the truth. Yeah, I know I still have tomorrow and Sunday, but that’ll just feel like a regular weekend. Right now, I’m enjoying some solitude and some music. Jay and the bambino usually have the TV going, which is fine. I like zoning out just as much as they do–But when I’m writing, I prefer background music to the TV. I’m less likely to get distracted if I just have iTunes going.

I had a dinner disaster last night. I gave the bambino the choice of Cincinnati chili or meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Naturally he chose meatloaf, which was fine. I forgot that we were out of ketchup, though, and subbed barbecue sauce. As I was opening the brand new bottle, it slipped out of my hands (I had a serious problem with dropping stuff yesterday–I don’t know why), and splattered EVERYWHERE:

All over the cupboards too:

There was more, but those pictures didn’t turn out–I was standing weirdly, trying to avoid getting any more sauce on my shoes and pants. I got the meatloaf covered, then got the kitchen cleaned up. I should probably mop the floor this afternoon. The bambino was complaining that the corner by the lazy Susan is sticky.

The meatloaf was fine. I would’ve preferred ketchup. Not that the barbecue sauce was bad or anything…I just like the tang of ketchup a little better.

This morning after I dropped off the bambino and Jay, I popped over to the grocery store for a few things.

A restock on ketchup, as well as kosher salt. I’ve been out of it for probably 2 months now. I just keep forgetting to pick it up. The walnuts are for the spice cake cupcakes.

So is the buttermilk. I could’ve just made sour milk, but buttermilk’s not all that expensive (unlike regular milk!), and I’d rather have more milk for the fam to drink than use it in baking.

Meat. I’m probably being overly ambitious, but since I have half a can of pumpkin pie filling left over from the bread pudding, I thought I’d make pumpkin pancakes (from an actual recipe, NOT simply a boxed mix with pumpkin added–Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course), and use the sausage patties to make up a few reheat-able breakfasts for next week. The sausage links are for the bambino, if I opt to make Sunday breakfast this weekend.

Tomorrow (also being overly ambitious), I’m planning on making some buffalo chicken sloppy joes–There’s a recipe in my latest Taste of Home that I want to try. I say overly ambitious again, because I purposely didn’t add buns to my grocery list this morning…I’m going to make my own tomorrow. So I say right now. I may change my tune later on. The fries are just a side for the sandwiches. The apples are for me to eat.

Jonathan apples. I’m not a fan of sour apples, or things like Honeycrisps–My sister Kendra loves those. I tried a bite of one from the u-pick orchard she frequents once, and I spit it out immediately. Jonathans are my favorite, next to McIntosh apples. Not too sweet, not too tart. Apples are another sign of fall that makes me long for home…The apples just aren’t as good out here, just like the sweet corn isn’t quite as good (except for the stuff the bambino planted in our garden, of course). Even my father-in-law will concede that Ohio and Iowa are far better sweet corn producers.

In between putzing around online for most of the morning and sorting laundry, I made my cupcakes.

Spice cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. And sprinkles. Because sprinkles make everything taste better.

That, and I was trying to match the sprinkles to the cupcake paper, in case that wasn’t bleeding obvious to everyone. I just have to say, I’m in love with Wilton’s 16-inch piping/decorating bags. I have a box of the 12-inch ones, but the 16-inch are a LOT easier to fill (and they hold a lot more)! I think that’s what I’ll be using from now on. I’m not overly thrilled by the cupcake liners, though. The cakes are sticking a bit.

I have a dishwasher to unload, some laundry to switch over, and dishes to wash. And I have a Norwex party to attend later this evening!

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13 Replies to “Bake me some cupcakes, as fast as you can”

  1. Let me set the record straight. I do NOT like honeycrisp apples. They rank right above icky red delicious. My favourite variety is sweet 16 followed by suncrisp and braeburn.

  2. I love red delicious. To me apples should be red and crisp and delicious. If they are telling you they are delicious then they are. My hubby likes Braeburn and gala. I think they aren’t crisp enough. But is there really any bad apples? Especially with caramel?

    • I’m a fan of Braeburn as well…And I agree. Any apple is delicious with caramel. Which reminds me…I have individual caramel dipping sauces in my cupboard… :)

    • The cupcakes are surprisingly addictive…Even my husband thinks so, and he doesn’t usually snack on too many sweets!

  3. Oh MY GOSH.. what a great, generous package we recieved today. Thank you so much. Now I really feel like a winner. That is one over flowing fall themed package if I EVER seen one. My daughter will not keep her hands out of the almonds and that is okay, it’s a PRIZE.

    YOU READERS….if you aren’t already entering the contests here, DO IT!

    Thanks again Rachel! I wanted to take some pics but I remembered I no longer have a camera~ LOL… gotta win me one of those!

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I’d love to help you out with the camera–Unfortunately, I’m not Pioneer Woman-popular, so I don’t think I’ll be giving away anything that cool any time soon!

      • LOL… My poor camera. I ran it to the ground when I blogged.
        I have to buy a new one soon, but it will be a cheapie point and click kind!
        ;-) P.S. the cinnimon almonds are a HIT!!!

        • I have a simple point & shoot myself…I want to save up and get a more expensive one, but that’s aways off!

          And I’m glad the cinnamon almonds are good–I almost kept them for myself! :)

  4. Have you been to the local orchards, though? We’ve always loved what we’ve gotten at the one down by Harrisburg. I’m usually not very impressed with the apples at Hy-Vee this time of year, either, but they seem to have been trucked in from who knows where. But then, I can’t comprehend not liking Honeycrisp! ;) I like them all, except Red Delicious–I throw those away.

    • Actually, until I read your blog post about it, I had no idea there was anything of the sort around here! I might try and check it out when my mom comes to visit in a few weeks.

      I’m kind of starting to feel bad for Red Delicious apples! :D

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