“All those wasted days…”

I’m taking full advantage of the fact that I’m down to one load of laundry left to do, and I’m sleeping in tomorrow morning. I haven’t yet while on vacation, which is fine. I have my moments of laziness, but I couldn’t waste my entire time off from work not doing anything. I tend to use my vacations for all the stuff I can never accomplish on weekends.

This morning, though, I met up with Katie and Melissa for breakfast at Cottonwood Bistro. Jessica came by for a little while too. I knew that they served food, but I read on Facebook (I think) that their breakfasts are REALLY good. Lots of local, organic and in-house made foods. I started off with a latte:

I took a drink before I took my photo. I was desperate for more caffeine. The bambino woke up crying around 3, and I went in to comfort him. I didn’t fall back asleep until sometime after 4, and woke up at 6:30.

I didn’t order breakfast right away. I drank about half the latte before I placed my food order. It proved to be an unwise move on my part.

It looks like a normal-enough sized breakfast platter, but I could only finish half of it. I actually even ate the jelly on my toast (I usually don’t bother with jelly). It was a really tasty raspberry jelly.

The three of us (Jessica left after about 20 minutes or so) sat around chatting until about 11. It was fun…We’ll have to find another place maybe to eat next time!

After I got home, I pretty much sat around and did a whole lot of nothing until about 2:30, when Jay decided he wanted to pick up a few things at the store. As I predicted yesterday, I copped out on making my own buns.

Once I got home and sat down at my computer, I knew there would be no baking today. I did finally get off my duff around 5, to start on dinner.

Buffalo Chicken Sloppy Joes. The Taste of Home recipe is apparently blocked to non-members, and while I have a subscription to the print magazine, I’ve never bothered to do anything with it online. I tend to run screaming away from Sloppy Joes in general, ever since I was a kid. Manwich was cheap, and we were poor, so it made a regular enough appearance throughout my childhood. It was the one meal I remember refusing to eat, instead occasionally sitting at the dinner table until my mom would turn off the lights in the living room. I think I even recall sitting there long enough one night that my dad came home from work and was surprised I was still sitting there. I don’t know why my mom couldn’t just fix me a burger instead. My sister scarfed the stuff down, but I hated it. Even now, I’ll just not eat if I go somewhere & Sloppy Joes are on the menu.

However, since this recipe contained buffalo sauce and chicken, I figured it was safe. The original recipe called for ground turkey, and for 2 lbs. of it. I used 3/4 lb. of ground chicken (the other 1/4 lb. went to make a burger for the bambino). I ended up having to boil the mixture once I got it made, so it would reduce a bit–I think part of it was that I didn’t use the carrots, celery and onion called for in the original recipe (one of the things I hate about original Sloppy Joe recipes), and even though I halved the recipe, it still seemed a little thin. So I let it reduce, and it turned out fine! Jay ate 3 of them–I’m enough of a Sloppy Joe novice that I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to get the meat on the bun without it spilling out everywhere! But I liked them well enough that I told Jay I want to make them again soon. I’ll have to add ground chicken to the grocery list for next week.

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2 Replies to ““All those wasted days…””

  1. We are sold. I have never had pumpkin pancakes and my kids loved them too! So pumkin-ee. Daughter thinks today should be first day of fall for us!

    • I’m glad you liked them! My friend got that same mix and she made waffles from it, which she said were also good. We’re actually having a really nice fall here on the prairie–VERY mild (for the time being anyway) & the trees look REALLY pretty!