Pancakes, Potatoes & Kielbasa

I managed to sleep in until about 6:20 this morning…I get up at 5 most mornings, so 6:20 was a welcome treat. And the only reason I woke up was because I happened to hear the bambino get out of bed, switch his fan off, and then get back into bed with the obligatory demand of “Someone come and cover me up!!!” I do not know why in the middle of the night/early part of the morning he can’t figure out how to do what he manages on his own when it’s bedtime and he’s waiting for Jay and I to come read him stories. But whatever.

I got the coffee going and washed up a few dishes before setting out the necessary items for breakfast. I settled down to watch “Meet the Press,” although about 5 minutes into it, I heard the announcement from upstairs that it was daytime. After the show was done (my blood wasn’t boiling as much this week), I started on food:

Pancakes. Specifically, pumpkin pancakes. I had about half a cup of pumpkin pie filling left over from the bread pudding I made last week, so I thought I’d use it up rather than waste it.

And some sausage on the side.

And the pancakes were from scratch, thank you very much. I’m not trying to knock people who choose to use boxed mixes–I have plenty I use them for (Jiffy pizza crusts, anyone?), but I don’t really think it’s that much more time-consuming to make something like pancakes from scratch than it is to scoop out some pancake mix. But that’s just me.

It’s such a beautiful day today that Jay decided to take the bambino down to the park for a little while, and while they were gone, it gave me a chance to clean up the breakfast dishes and get a shower, before popping in that final load of laundry and heading over to his folks’ for Sunday dinner.

I kind of decided after we got home that sugar is kind of a gateway drug for me. For dessert, Jay’s dad had picked up a Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Cake, and his mom ended up just cutting it into 6 rather large slices. The bambino ate about 2/3 of his, which I finished for him–After eating my own slice. And once we got home, I got into these bastards (and ate 3 of ’em without even thinking):

Had I made chocolate or Devil’s Food cupcakes or something else, I probably wouldn’t be snarfing these like they were my last meal. Spice cake is good, as is cream cheese frosting, but the combination in these damn things is like crack to me! That, or my PMS is a little out of control, and I’m in the stuffing-of-my-face-with-whatever-food-isn’t-nailed-down phase.

After folding the laundry and unloading the dishwasher, I got to work on dinner, courtesy of Taste of Home (again). Potato Kielbasa Skillet.

I thought it tasted like German potato salad (the only kind I’ll eat), with kielbasa and spinach salad with warm bacon dressing all mixed together. I didn’t check the temperature for today, and it was in the 80s. This will make an awesome late fall/winter meal.

I’m not usually a fan of cooked spinach, but this was really good. I had no idea until I was ready to serve it, that Jay was already familiar with this dish–His parents used to make it on occasion when he was growing up, so it was a comfort food dinner for him. The bambino did not care for it…He ate most of the 4 pieces of sausage I gave him, a couple bites of potato, and after some struggle, the one tiny piece of spinach I made him try. Funny aside–My blog had been down for awhile this evening, and while I was waiting for it to come back up, the bambino got out his toy laptop. It’s got a typing function and lately, he’s been typing words off DVD cases and such, but tonight, he apparently typed up his own blog post or review of tonight’s meal. I didn’t see it, but Jay said it was basically gibberish, and when he asked the bambino what it said, he replied with, “Little boys don’t like to eat sausage and potatoes and mustard and spinach.” At least we got him to try the spinach before he outright rejected it! And it just means more leftovers for my lunch this week.

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  2. Funny, I made pumpkin pancakes this morning, too. Must be something in the October air. (Or, well, I had buttermilk to use or lose.) :)