“I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger…”

I am in a rather weird mood today. Very anxious and on-edge, because of my dad. I know (and I tried to reassure the bambino with this last night, as he gets freaked out whenever Jay or I is upset) that my dad’s exactly where he needs to be, and that his doctor will do whatever he can to heal my dad. It’s just frustrating, because his health’s downward spiral started back in 2002, with a simple wrist surgery. He had a bone removed from his wrist (I don’t really remember why now), but it was shortly after that, that his colon problems started, and I’ll never forget that, because it was the night before Riverfront Stadium (I refuse to ever refer to it as Cinergy Field) was imploded. We were going to get up early that morning and go watch. Instead, I had to take my dad to the ER the night before, and I watched the implosion on TV.

Ever since then, my dad’s had one health issue after another. A non-epileptic seizure disorder (that thankfully seems to be under control), numerous shouler surgeries, the hernia that won’t stay healed, the liver infection, the missing gall bladder…And now the fistula that won’t heal. It scares me because I know I’m getting to that age, where parental health problems start cropping up, and now that I myself will soon be pushing 40 (next month–Woo!), this is going to become even more of a reality for me and my sisters. My sister Kendra’s been dealing with the bulk of it the past few years, since I obviously can’t do a whole helluva lot from SoDak, except worry myself sick. Jay and I have talked about having my dad move out here, but I don’t think he (my dad) is too keen on it. The house behind ours would be perfect, if we had an extra $50K laying around…It’s small, but perfect for a single person, or a grandparent who still wants some independence. If and when he does move, it’ll probably be back to Columbus, where he grew up, and where he feels most comfortable.

And in cases like this, I did one of the few things that makes me feel better, and lessens some of my anxiety. I started working on a batch of  granola.

I did add some sliced almonds, walnuts, and used maple syrup, water and olive oil in place of the honey, apple cider and canola oil called for in the original recipe. It tastes “healthy” so I also added about 1/2 C brown sugar. I am looking forward to having some on a cup of Fage tomorrow.

I don’t know if it was due to nerves or something I ate, but my stomach did flip-flops all afternoon. I was afraid I was coming down with my yearly bout with the dreaded norovirus. I didn’t eat anything from breakfast until dinner time…When I finally felt well enough to try some chicken.

Buffalo chicken, actually. I just used some of the KC Masterpiece marinade I got from Foodbuzz way back when. I do have to admit that on occasion, I do miss the freebies Foodbuzz used to send. However, I didn’t care for the restrictions and the fawning they did all over certain bloggers at the expense of the rest of us smaller, less-popular bloggers. But that’s done and over with.

So far, the buffalo chicken is hanging out rather nicely, so maybe it was just a bout of nerves. I think a cup of cocoa might be in order to cap off the evening.

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