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I talked to my sister this afternoon. Looks like my dad’s going under the knife for the third? fourth? time since June. This fistula is larger than the last one, isn’t healing as quickly, but because his guts are basically open, my dad can’t eat. He hasn’t really eaten anything in about a month, if not longer. And the doctors don’t want to operate because my dad’s not nutritionally sound right now (malnourished, I suppose), so they’ve got to get him on something else before the surgery. Lord. I don’t even know what to say at this point. It’s almost worse than when the seizure disorder developed, and we didn’t know it was a seizure disorder. I swear, this stuff, combined with things I see at work almost make me want to kill myself when I hit 50. Getting old just doesn’t seem to be worth it.

In spite of that, I am enjoying a day away from the workplace, and hanging out with the bambino. We made a fairly quick trip to the dealership, to get that axle fixed. I think we were only there about an hour, which was nice. There’s a park right behind the service area which we were going to hang out at, but when I went to let them know we were headed out, they told me I was done! We went out for lunch as soon as we got back to Brookings, and once we got home, I got started on the laundry. It’s almost done…I have a load in the dryer that’s probably just about done, and one more in the washer. I should probably unload the dishwasher, but I’m feeling super-lazy right now. Jay and I both slept like crap last night, and I think I got maybe 4 1/2 hours of decent sleep. I should’ve made myself some coffee when I got home, but I got side-tracked. I thought about swinging through Choco Latte on the way to pick Jay up from work. Their drinks aren’t nearly as strong as Starbucks, although I could use a double shot of espresso to get me through the rest of the evening.

We came straight home after getting Jay, but thanks to the City of Brookings, our tap water is looking rather nasty. We assume they’re flushing the fire hydrants, but because I was making pasta, I needed water. We had to pop out to the store. Because my husband is awesome, along with a couple gallons of drinking water, Jay bought me an early anniversary present:

It’s a simple ice cream maker, but I’m thrilled to pieces to have it! I seriously had to stop myself from going back out again to get ingredients to make ice cream tomorrow. I’ll be patient and wait. I still have plenty of cupcakes.

Dinner tonight was a beef and tomato stroganoff, courtesy of Everyday Food.

It was good, and made a LOT of leftovers. I also had a simple iceberg salad before the pasta.

I ate it more for the fibrous aspect of it than nutrients. Portion control, if you will. And a cupcake for dessert. I ended up giving Jay a bunch of them to take to work with him, so that there would be less I’d eat….Even though the yellow-cupcake-with-chocolate-frosting doesn’t seem to be as addicting as the spice cake with cream cheese frosting cupcakes were!

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4 Replies to “Quick trip”

  1. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Sick parents are so stressful – trying to balance your life with caring for them. I hope it all turns out ok. Food note: tonight I made the stuffed peppers from Everyday Food. Delicious!

  2. Hi sweetie! I am sad to hear about your papa. Gosh. It is hard to watch those we love suffer. Make some ice cream, take a bath … be good to yourself. Your family needs a happy and healthy mommy .

    • Thanks Megan. My dad has indeed been through the ringer lately. I’m kind of wishing that he’ll be healed up and back home by my birthday (next month). Ice cream is on the agenda for tomorrow, though! :)