“Ice cream man, ring your bell…”

I love Jonathan Richman, I really do. And it makes me kind of sad that Brookings doesn’t have an ice cream man. That’s one of the things I miss about childhood. Racing to get money and just waiting for the ice cream man to show up. I am sad that the bambino won’t get to experience that. But he can have homemade ice cream any time I feel like making it. Which I did this evening.

I decided that I’d just follow the basic vanilla recipe included in the user manual. I’ll give some other recipes a try later.

I made the base (cream, half & half, sugar and vanilla), then popped it into the fridge. I should’ve chilled it longer, but the bambino was so excited to make ice cream, I didn’t want to wait too long. I was originally just going to make plain vanilla and pour some Hershey’s syrup over it, because that’s what I remember my grandparents making at one family gathering when I was a kid. I don’t even remember anything about it other than my grandmother having an old-school hand-cranked ice cream maker, and all of us grandchildren got a chance to churn the ice cream. When it was ready, my grandmother got out the ever-present bottle of Hershey’s syrup for us to pour on it. That’s stuck with me for probably 20+ years now. However, I asked the bambino if he wanted some chocolate and peanut butter chips in it, and he said yes.

That would be a chocolate chip in the ice cream.

I did make a mistake, though. I forgot to let the mixture set up for a couple more minutes once it was done mixing.

It was good. Like regular ice cream that melted a bit. As usual, the bambino didn’t bother eating more than a couple bites of it, so I finished it for him. I am planning on testing out a few more recipes–I do want to try a cooked/egg base next, and then maybe chocolate. I also have pumpkin ice cream on my radar.

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3 Replies to ““Ice cream man, ring your bell…””

  1. Hershey’s syrup was definitely one staple Myra always had on hand….she could do wonders with one little can.

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